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19.07.05 Tuesday
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I didn't really have the right materials on hand to wrap a brick patio paver, unfortunately, so I made due with what I had: an old wrinkled paper bag found in my garage, some metal used for tying pipes together and a whole lot of duct tape. It's not very elegant looking but how the fuck else am I supposed to wrap a ten pound chunk of stone inside five minutes?

Wait. Perhaps it's a bad message to give a girl a huge rock on the second date? Too late now.

I'm off! Wish me luck.

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llarian [20.07.05::01:39]
You see, its things like that little bubble/hearty thingy above your 'i' that make people think you're gay. =)
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carrieann [20.07.05::03:33]
It looks like an olive.
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getlocalgirl [20.07.05::01:44]
Its perfect.
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fiercekitty [20.07.05::01:45]
well, if she's delighted, then you'll know ;-)
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das_prompt [20.07.05::01:47]
Beats my friend's advice of sending a pig heart in a manila envelope.
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tyrven [20.07.05::08:12]
Quite honestly I like this idea a lot more, in general, but in this case the brick had more relevence to the girl. In the abstract, though, I think the pigs heart wins out hands down.
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nightsinger [20.07.05::01:54]
:D Awww... that's terribly sweet. ... I think.

I hope she likes it, anyway. It'll definitely make an impression!
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katethoughts [20.07.05::02:12]
That is lovely packaging, though the type could use some work.

Frankly, I expected more from you, Jeremy. ;)

Good luck tonight (even though you've already left)!
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tyrven [20.07.05::11:41]
What are you talking about? The type was the best part! Charcoal and all.
katethoughts [20.07.05::02:36]
lormagins [20.07.05::03:33]
brothersterno [20.07.05::04:07]
lormagins [20.07.05::05:55]
tyrven [20.07.05::07:47]
katethoughts [20.07.05::05:22]
lormagins [20.07.05::05:54]
katethoughts [21.07.05::01:01]
tyrven [24.09.08::11:16]
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cookiebeyotch [20.07.05::02:18]
What, not a thermos?
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das_prompt [20.07.05::02:36]
I'm picking out a thermos for you, not an ordinary thermos for you...
ex_apalefire749 [20.07.05::02:20]
that's awesomely precious. good luck :)
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eard_stapa [20.07.05::03:02]
if a guy gave me a rock on a second date it would totally get him 10,000,000 bonus points. at least.

but i'm weird (and a former geology major), so there you go.
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spectacles [20.07.05::03:21]
A belated congratulations on your incredible first date and I wish you good luck on your second!!
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tyrven [20.07.05::11:43]
Thank you :)
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girlstyle [20.07.05::04:28]
oh, dear heavens, please let us know how it went! (assuming, and rightly so [I hope], that you're not home yet!)
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tyrven [24.09.08::11:17]
Replying three years late. Apparently it went well.
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colvincd [20.07.05::05:08]
Well, at least it's not going through her window.


(I might have missed something)
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tyrven [20.07.05::11:45]
That was the plan. Turned out I was too weak to chuck it up to the second floor window, so I had to go with an alternate plan.
melancholymary [20.07.05::05:45]
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absenceofwonder [20.07.05::07:40]
well, hes not home yet and its...1240 AM! i think it went well!
just saw that girlstyle said it too. see!! yay!
riotingpacifist [20.07.05::03:38]
with that brick? he totally got laid. like, all night long.