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Fairhaven and Chuckanut Drive

27.07.05 Wednesday
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[+28] Anna, Katie and I drove up Chuckanut Drive en route to Fairhaven yesterday. This set mostly contains photos of Katie.

[Subset][+09] Once in Fairhaven, we ate on the outdoor patio at the Colophon Cafe and listened to live folk music. There were a number of chidren dancing in the fountain which gave me a chance to further my image as the creepy guy behind the camera that takes pictures of kids in public places.

[+11] I also uploaded a few additional photos of Katie at Golden Gardens the other day.

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daeverra [27.07.05::11:03]
One of my favorite places... I grew up in Anacortes, we should do a date thing up on Chuckanut! They have some amazing places to eat on the bluff.
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tyrven [27.07.05::11:07]
That would be so much fun! I always end up eating at Colophon; I'd love to find some new places up there. Chuckanut Drive is one of my favorite day trips in Washington; others I plan on going on soon include the North Cascade Highway (out towards Winthrop) and also Deception Pass (and then out to Whidbey to see the bunkers). Katie and I have a number of day/weekend trips planned; it'd be awesome if you two wanted to join us.
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daeverra [27.07.05::11:25]
Colophon Cafe is one of my fav places to eat. Their food is soooo good. I love the salmon bagel and tortilla soup. The Pickford theater's just around the bend there, it shows the best indie films I've ever seen. My parents used to fly Blanchard mountain over there by Chuckanut, we could point out some old logging roads that lead to some pretty breathtaking views.

Deception Pass is about 2 miles from my mom's house. I guess it's not all that interesting to me anymore, but that comes with living there for so long. I know all the great beaches up that way, awesome photography spots. I'll have to give ya'll a tour.

Another great day trip is Friday Harbor (by ferry), we rent scooters up there and wander the island. I haven't been there in a few years. Also Shaw island, I know some of the nuns, it's strange to see them wandering around tending the island.

Quent and I grew up taking the passes (hang gliding kids and all) so we could probably do a little touring there too. I promise we won't torture your girl too much.
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lormagins [27.07.05::11:09]
awww... very cute. :)
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getlocalgirl [28.07.05::12:11]
Those are lovely photographs. She has a beautiful smile!
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tyrven [28.07.05::12:14]
Her smile makes me feel sort of funny inside.
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getlocalgirl [28.07.05::12:16]
Thats a good sign.

Casey's kisses still make my heart skip a beat!
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tyrven [28.07.05::12:19]
I have to avoid her kisses.

I have a heart condition.
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getlocalgirl [28.07.05::12:30]
Yes, be very careful.
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a_gentle_hill [28.07.05::06:06]
Your icon is neat.
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getlocalgirl [28.07.05::04:34]
thanks, a friend took some great shots recently:)
(Anonymous) [28.07.05::02:25]
I'm jealous.
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mcfnord [28.07.05::03:44]
you won't be single for very long, joe.
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tyrven [28.07.05::03:58]
I will never be free
If I'm not free now
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mcfnord [28.07.05::06:38]
do not choke up on the bat
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katethoughts [28.07.05::04:23]
Damn you! I can't think of anything sarcastic to say about these. Your journal is usually my moment to be a bitch if I want...but now I can't so I'll have to hate you. ;)

Do you still want to throw me my party, btw? Drop me an email and I'll let you know what I think could happen.
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a_gentle_hill [28.07.05::06:07]
SO pretty! Lucky duck.
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meowlet [28.07.05::03:41]
She is GORGEOUS, and nice shoes also!