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29.07.05 Friday
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[+09] A few portraits of Katie along with some photos from dinner she made the other night. The staged shots break my heart; I prefer photos of her smiling.

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screed [29.07.05::08:42]
we have the same cookware.
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tyrven [29.07.05::08:43]
Oh yeah? Funny. I like it quite a bit. I also have a mini wok from a different All-clad line that is awesome.
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screed [29.07.05::08:52]
me too, but now i wish i'd bought the copper. alas.
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tyrven [29.07.05::08:54]
At this point, I'm still on an electric stove so that seems to be my biggest limitation in terms of my kitchen. I think in my new place I'll try to get gas.
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screed [29.07.05::09:03]
yeah, electric sucks. my stove is an old shitty Hotpoint, and the oven take forever to ignite. i want to replace it with a six burner Imperial commercial model as soon as possible.
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wow - chinaski [29.07.05::09:56]
She's pretty. It seems strange for you to be seeing someone so soon, but I guess it's not all that strange. And a gorgeous woman like that - how could you resist?
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Re: wow - tyrven [30.07.05::01:27]
Well, Heather and I weren't that attached; this is the first serious relationship I've had in two years. I'm really excited, though; she's wonderful.
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mcfnord [30.07.05::12:20]
the photos are stabs in my heart. you are the better man.
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darkfairy13 [30.07.05::12:53]
God, she's gorgeous.
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tyrven [30.07.05::01:29]
Tell me about it :| I still can't believe she likes me!
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meowlet [30.07.05::11:26]
Second that.
(Anonymous) [30.07.05::06:14]

as for tomorrow, I've got a lot of things to do. If you're busy too, we should make it another time.

Email me!
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masque__ [30.07.05::06:18]
oops - c'est moi.
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fritz_da_kat [30.07.05::07:57]
We have to meet thing girl. Anyone who has the sense of humor to appreciate a brick wrapped in gift paper must be special...
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tyrven [31.07.05::01:42]
My weekends keep getting booked but the next free saturday I have I will be throwing another house party.
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djnancygirl [31.07.05::10:07]
those are excellent photos. your girlfriend is very pretty! i'm looking forward to meeting her. are you busy this week?