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Katie and myself, by goldfischegirl

08.08.05 Monday
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ex_dumbgenius [08.08.05::09:39]
that is an excellent photograph; well done.
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dizzyflower [08.08.05::09:41]
Dare i say that those are all absolutly adorable? Because, well, they are. =P
ex_apalefire749 [08.08.05::09:41]
she's beautiful.! you're uber-cute together. :)
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phunbee [08.08.05::09:42]
AAAWWWW... you two are just the cutest lil' hetero couple I ever did see! *melts*
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lormagins [08.08.05::09:49]
that's an absolutely filthy look on your face in the last picture.

good god, what a lech!
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tyrven [08.08.05::10:22]
Hell yeah!
jizosh [08.08.05::09:49]
You have a crazy maniacal smile!
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zepharum [08.08.05::10:16]

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darkfairy13 [08.08.05::10:42]
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zepharum [09.08.05::12:22]
Oh yeah...that's what I meant!
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supergoofy [09.08.05::12:33]
Impromptu trips - Did Aimee ask you if you wanted to go to Paris in October? She thinks it may be impossible for you and Katie 'cause she may have academic obligations. We're going October 21/22 to 29/30 with just plane tickets, no hotel reservations.
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supergoofy [09.08.05::12:35]
We're planning to stop by the Boss factory in Germany. It's about 1/5 the price to buy there.
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tyrven [09.08.05::01:30]
Oh, nice....
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tyrven [09.08.05::01:29]
Katie has one class next quarter (her final class before she is focused full time on her thesis). We were, however, planning on taking a week long road trip to San Francisco in late September (after her general exams); we may be able to reallocate that time for Paris (which neither of us have been to). That'd be a lot of fun, I think. Let me check with Katie when she gets back from the drug store.
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jawllyholiday [09.08.05::02:12]
Very fun shots! :o)
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oikade [09.08.05::03:28]
Worst creepy smile ever, with eyes that stare straight at my tits while I'm sitting here hunched over.

Also: Katie has the most beautiful face.
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tyrven [09.08.05::03:38]
Why does everyone think I look creepy when I laugh. Never smiling ever again.
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oikade [09.08.05::03:43]
Serves you right for making me feel self conscious about net surfing in my underwear.
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tyrven [09.08.05::03:46]
Send photos, plz.
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- oikade [09.08.05::03:58]
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meowlet [09.08.05::05:04]
my GOD she is so gorgeous! Very cute photos.
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theremina [09.08.05::07:15]
Mister, this is the most genuine and delightful photo of you! You both look wonderful here.