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08.08.05 Monday
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Last Monday I met a few of Katie's friends from Academia for a weekly ritual at The College Inn. I escaped unscathed although that perception may just be due to the alcohol induced fog of the evening.

{int i; i=5; i++}

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carrieann [08.08.05::11:56]
Katie is lovely. She even makes the drunken "crazy eyes" look adorable.
prude [09.08.05::12:35]
She's really cute! I like the laughing photos
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phunbee [09.08.05::02:26]
Again, totally cute pics. I could really use a Guiness right now...
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meowlet [09.08.05::05:03]
That is a great shot.
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a_gentle_hill [09.08.05::05:13]
Mondays, half-price nachos!