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08.08.05 Monday
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Katie and I visited Carol on Saturday. We drank wine, played music, planned our trip and spied on people across the lake. Carol's foster child also proposed to my girlfriend that sneaky little bastard. I like this set.

{int i; i=8; i++}

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meowlet [09.08.05::05:15]
Nice, I like them.

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phunbee [09.08.05::07:34]
How old is this foster child?
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tyrven [09.08.05::07:44]
Four, I believe.
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phunbee [10.08.05::03:38]
That's hilarious. I wanted to marry my older brother when I was little.
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tyrven [10.08.05::03:41]
Why didn't you?
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phunbee [10.08.05::03:51]
Didn't feel like mimmiking the behavior of the royal family.
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supergoofy [09.08.05::08:14]
Did Katie accept?
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tyrven [09.08.05::08:44]
She was a bit avoidant of the topic. She did, however, wear the neclace he gave her for the rest of the evening.