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Photoshoot in Georgetown with Katie

09.08.05 Tuesday
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After visiting goldfischegirl, Katie and I did a quick photoshoot in Georgetown, including a couple sites of standard issue industrial decay as well as some abandoned trains.

I'm considering renaming this journal to picturesofkatie.

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hotcrab [09.08.05::08:42]
i was actually gonna post something about your picturesofkatie fetish
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tyrven [09.08.05::08:48]
I can't help it!

P.S., I love that icon. The best.
hotcrab [09.08.05::09:32]
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amai_unmei [09.08.05::08:56]
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tyrven [09.08.05::08:58]
Caption contest it is, then. Add a comment to the photo with your proposed caption for a chance to win my cats.
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huffines [09.08.05::09:05]
Two words, my friend...Polarizing Filter. ;)
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tyrven [09.08.05::09:54]
The issue wasn't so much a lack of a polarizing filter here, but rather the lack fill in flash or reflectors to help balance out the contrast. I could easily have kept the exposure within range on a few of these but it would have made the shadows too dark.
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goldfischegirl [09.08.05::09:58]
your girlfriend is way too hot to be your girlfriend.
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tyrven [09.08.05::10:01]
Shaddup. You're making me feel insecure.
tyrven [09.08.05::10:01]
karinkarinkarin [10.08.05::02:37]
tyrven [10.08.05::03:39]
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ya know - thegoddesskali [09.08.05::10:09]
she is damn hot, and I am actually suprised that she isn't a complete stick(i just imagine that you have a fondness for sticks). Please don't screw this one up ^_~
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Re: ya know - tyrven [09.08.05::10:13]
I'm not so fond of "sticks", actually. And I have no plans of screwing this one up, but I'm sure I will at some point ;-) In the meanwhile I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
melancholymary [09.08.05::11:18]
The kick shots of Katie are fabulous, permitting me to indulge in a little girl kicking ass fantasy. ;D
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tyrven [09.08.05::11:48]
I can only imagine how hard it is to do a kick while in heels.
karinkarinkarin [10.08.05::02:37]
tyrven [10.08.05::03:39]
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phunbee [09.08.05::11:35]
She isadorable and you two are a very cute couple. It looks like you both ahve tons of fun together.
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tyrven [09.08.05::11:51]
We seem very well matched. It's quite unexpected. I don't really believe in the practicality of long term relationships but she makes me hope.
phunbee [10.08.05::03:32]
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supergoofy [10.08.05::12:15]
I bet you date all your models. You're not really interested in photography, are you?
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tyrven [10.08.05::12:24]
Of course I'm not interested in photography. It doesn't suit my base needs. Everything I do (we do) is a means to an end. My prefered end is sex. With dinner.
goldfischegirl [21.08.05::02:28]
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fritz_da_kat [10.08.05::05:58]
Dude, you're so infatuated...

I know that feeling, sometimes I think it's the only thing worth living for...
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tyrven [10.08.05::06:41]
The feeling is fairly novel for me. It's overwelming and uncharacteristic. I wouldn't change a thing, however.
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verybadlady [10.08.05::07:44]
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serorobele [11.08.05::01:07]
I know you don't really talk to me anymore, but your pictures are fantastic and you should come to Thailand. Those two statements are almost unrelated. :)
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tyrven [11.08.05::01:15]
I'm getting my Passport right now and just knowing that I will have that has made it very difficult NOT to travel. The only thing that has been holding me back is the fact that Katie doesn't have the same time/budget that I have, given her academic obligations. We're going to Belize in September but that will likely use up her travel budget for a while. I think after that I'll take a few trips to Asia and Europe during times where she's really busy with school; that'll keep me from distracting her when she needs to focus and will allow me to get out and see the world.

How long will you be in Thailand? I'm out of touch.
serorobele [11.08.05::03:36]