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Me and Katie

24.09.05 Saturday
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I added a number of photos of me and Katie to the my daily set. Quite a few of these were taken by quent.

{int i; i=5; i++}

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phunbee [25.09.05::03:29]
DAWWWWWWW *squidgy*
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herbaliser [25.09.05::04:24]
woah, you must like this girl, or something
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tyrven [25.09.05::07:42]
She's alright.
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monoecious [26.09.05::01:48]
time for a haircut? i think so. just in the back, it's a little mulletty, i think it would look good with a fade in the back and the rest the same.

in other news, you two are pretty dern cute.
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tyrven [26.09.05::04:41]
Aw, thanks :). I've been wanting to cut my hair lately because it's becoming difficult to style but Katie is always talking about how she liked the back when we met (at that point it was really out of control and curling). I think I'm with you, though; a trim would go a long way.

P.S., I ran into Megan today at the Puyallup Fair.