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gfrancie and reenigne's Wedding

04.10.05 Tuesday
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I didn't include all of the obligatory shots in these sets; they're just the photos I liked best. After producing the full set and seeing them in web format, however, there were only ninety or so that I was actually happy with and thus so I created a favorites set (which is a subset of the full set); that is probably of more general interest for people who don't know Andrew and Gennie.

I haven't done much editing on these at all; there are too many of them. I'll be producing a high resolution black and white set based on the ones that the newlyweds like best and will probably post those when they're complete.

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kristenlou [04.10.05::12:59]
These are fantastic. You have a marvelous eye for both insightful portraiture and composition, not to mention the confident patience of a true photographer. It was a pleasure meeting you.
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tyrven [04.10.05::06:54]
Wow, thank you. That's reassuring as I was really displeased with this set. I mean, there are a few I appreciate but as a whole I don't think they're of the quality I would expect of myself for this type of event.
thaddeusquay [04.10.05::01:09]
A photographer, truly at ease with his craft, would have taken in the event, in a somber, zen-like manner, and then, at the perfect moment, snapped a single photo. After which, he would have walked away, confident in the knowledge that he had gotten the ultimate shot.
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tyrven [04.10.05::06:55]
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atonal [04.10.05::02:58]
damn i look good.


jizosh [04.10.05::04:37]
you are a dapper son of a bitch, i'll tell you what!
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tyrven [04.10.05::06:56]
Hah totally; I loved the photos of you!
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tyrven [04.10.05::07:04]
And apparently you're not the only one who thinks so. That photo of you have 82 hits (compared to probably an average of six on the other ones). It shot up almost immediately to 52 last night within minutes of me posting it.
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goldfischegirl [04.10.05::04:07]
pretty! i especially like the one of the guy with the eyebrow piercing drinking from his glass, and the small girl sinking down and her hair falling slowly behind her.
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tyrven [04.10.05::06:59]
Those were two of my favorites as well. Overall, though, I'm irked. I think I'm going to invest in a good flash if I do this again =/. I need to really look at these and understand where I'm at and what I'm seeing in the moment because while I really like some of these photos there are others that are just crap in terms of composition or especially color. I'm really starting to frustrate myself.
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goldfischegirl [04.10.05::08:15]
A flash would be really good for you. I vote yes on that idea.
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getlocalgirl [04.10.05::04:09]
I love many of those - particularly the solemn one of the little flower girl toward the end, and the bride blurred in the background with a sharp focus on the brick wall.
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amai_unmei [04.10.05::04:19]
I don't even remember pilfering the lego candies. 0_o

These are beautiful shots. I like the one of Gennie holding the knife for some reason.
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tyrven [04.10.05::07:00]
I wanted to stop her and get a posed shot of her holding the knife up in a threatening fashion but she was off to cut the cake so I didn't. Still, though, I think that would have been nice :).
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karinkarinkarin [04.10.05::04:28]
yes. those are definitely edible legos. what fun!
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robiewankenobie [04.10.05::08:39]
so many beautiful moments. you really captured the day. there is a lovely photo of them in the church where they look so happy that they could burst. my favorite, however, is one that you took of guests where you can see them in the background sharing a private laugh.
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tyrven [04.10.05::08:40]
Thank you :). That was Katie's favorite photo as well, I think.
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phunbee [04.10.05::09:54]
Why do you like that one of me best? Suddenly my teeth seem to have grown three sizes too big. The one of atonal is awesome and the ones of Gennie and Andrew are adorable. Great job!!
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tyrven [04.10.05::10:01]
That was one of my favorite shots! Ha! I liked the pose with the bottle of wine and the composition. It does catch your teeth at a strange angle but I don't think it looks bad at all.
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phunbee [04.10.05::10:17]
Awww...I like the pose with the bottle since it is so fitting of me. The composition is great too. Your photography is fab IMO.
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tyrven [04.10.05::11:15]
Oh, wait, were you not talking about that photo initially...? That would make more sense; I was like "huh, what is she TALKING about?!".
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phunbee [06.10.05::06:31]
I was talking about the one with me holding the bottle of wine and laughing.
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claritapita [04.10.05::11:11]
What lovely photos! You did an excellent job at catching the atmosphere of the day :)