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tyrven's Twenty-Ninth Birthday; TONIGHT.

15.10.05 Saturday
01:44 pm - tyrven's Twenty-Ninth Birthday; TONIGHT. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

Just a reminder... [My House, 10p]

{int i; i=10; i++}

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absenceofwonder [15.10.05::09:49]
happy birthday!
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caseyplusplus [15.10.05::10:12]
That flyer is badass. I'll see you tonight and I'll be bringing Vanessa Alcohol with me.
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mcfnord [15.10.05::10:36]
Best wishes for your birthday. Sadly it's just one of many gala events this evening. And you have cats. :(
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katethoughts [16.10.05::03:55]
Yay happy birthday Jeremy. I will give you a kiss on the cheek to celebrate when I visit in December. MWWWAAAA! Have a great night!
thaddeusquay [16.10.05::04:28]
Yes, well, who is "Jeremy J. Caney"? I thought it was "Jeremy B. Caney". So what now? The copious amounts of laughter I got from pronouncing your name the way I thought it was must now come to an end?

Oh, no, well, happy whatever day, anyway. :)
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starlajo [16.10.05::06:22]
happy birthday!
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meowlet [17.10.05::04:10]
That is a great second flier. Flyer? Spelling? Anyway I like the color.
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tyrven [17.10.05::08:47]
Thanks :). I liked the second one much better than the first one, although I like the Cowboys vs. Cosmonauts flyer better than both of them. I guess I should start planning my next party now...
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meowlet [18.10.05::04:30]
I liked them both. I think you prefer the sharper, asymmetrical look. That or you just like green.

I forget what the Cowboys vs. Cosmonauts one looked like. I have the memory of a goldfish.
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tyrven [18.10.05::07:18]

Mostly I think the type was a lot more solid on this one. Oh well. This is why I became an art director and not a graphic designer haha.