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Portraits from my 29th birthday party

20.10.05 Thursday
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chris [21.10.05::08:26]
what film did you use?
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tyrven [21.10.05::08:31]
Kodak Professional 400 speed. Kodak isn't normally a company I associate with good quality film but the lady at Kenmore Camera takes a lot of medium format portraits and recommended it to Katie because of the indoor color balance. I was pretty impressed by it. I also have a couple rolls of black and white and a couple rolls of Velvia (both 100 speed) which I'll be digging into next.
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chris [21.10.05::09:33]
yeah my favorite color film so far is Kodak Porta 400. I'm going to shoot some velvia this weekend though. I've heard great things about it.
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tyrven [21.10.05::09:38]
A lot of professional photographers I know HATE Velvia because it isn't true to colors. I've also seen it abused because if you use it with already saturated subjects then it will wash out the color depth completely. That said, taking photos of everyday items with it is absolutely gorgeous from what I've seen. (This is also my first time working with it; Katie brought some to Belize with her but in most places the colors were already saturated enough that she didn't really need it).