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More party photos, thanks to meowlet...

20.10.05 Thursday
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crystaljoelle [21.10.05::01:55]
You should have another party now that I'm back on the continent (though I have been for some time).
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tyrven [21.10.05::08:24]
My next party will probably be late November. I'm just starting to plan the details now. It will be an airplane themed party (think: stewardess, pilot, tourist, etc).
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girlstyle [21.10.05::02:27]
I thought they banned upskirt shots in Washington...
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tyrven [21.10.05::08:25]
I should sue.
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girlstyle [21.10.05::11:40]
it'd give you just the financial edge you need to get back into Seattle proper.
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tyrven [21.10.05::11:45]
Ha! I'm actually thinking about staying out here in Bothell for a while now. It suits the non-singles lifestyle reasonable well. I'm still buying a house for my company, though, so I might start throwing parties there instead.
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girlstyle [22.10.05::12:02]
wheee! your house is lovely but it's such a trek.
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tyrven [22.10.05::12:05]
Yeah. I'm always surprised people make it to my parties.
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girlstyle [22.10.05::12:09]
I'd be more surprised that they make it home.
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tyrven [22.10.05::12:15]
That's a good point. I never think to be a responsible host and check people's alcohol levels before they leave (although I think everyone knows that they can crash at my place if they need to).
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covers arse - meowlet [24.10.05::05:48]
Chris took it!
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meowlet [21.10.05::06:46]
Ha! I love the ones you chose for the post. That second one is so stewardess.
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republiqua [22.10.05::09:15]
Oh Jeremy, in as much as you make a handsome, strapping young man- you are a hot little hussy of a woman as well!