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29th Birthday Party; more...

03.11.05 Thursday
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I found 18 more photos from my birthday party. I think most of these were taken by me but, honestly, I wasn't in a state to really remember for sure.

{int i; i=6; i++}

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meowlet [04.11.05::05:47]
oh wow, that is a gorgeous shot of Katie there.
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meowlet [04.11.05::05:49]
Oh my word.


Someone decided against editorial cropping!
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tyrven [04.11.05::11:34]
I did, however, opt to not show the, uh, rearview shots.
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lormagins [04.11.05::04:44]
you really do make for an adorable girl. we need to get you a wig with pigtails, put you in a sailor suit and take you out for a night on the town so you can act like the japanese schoolgirl that you really are. :D
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girl19 [04.11.05::04:59]
my hip is in there. haha I almost didn't recognize it.
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tyrven [04.11.05::09:29]
That's my favorite photo from the set. I remember taking it but had to ask Katie who it belonged to still.