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13.11.05 Sunday
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Katie and I were chased for a short distance after refusing spare change to this old guy with crutches tonight. I was tempted to turn back and break in his knee caps but realized that it would be a bit redundant - someone had apparently beaten me to it. He was a persistent fucker, though.

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eard_stapa [13.11.05::08:42]
when i was in toronto, some guy chased cellardoor13 & me after we refused him change. he asked for money, and we said no and kept walking, then he yelled something after us, then he started to run after us, telling us he was hungry and wanted the leftovers i was carrying. then he said, "GIVE THEM TO ME! YOU DON'T NEED THEM ANYWAY, YOU'RE FAT ENOUGH!" he continued to chase and swear at us until we gained a sufficient amount of ground and there were enough people around that he deemed us no longer worthy as targets. the thing is, i honestly might have considered giving the food to him if he'd asked in a less aggressive/hostile manner. despite the fact that i knew i shouldn't take him seriously, i actually felt kinda bad, until i got a little more, erm... positive reaction to my appearance from a certain kind and lovely party in the t-dot.

and there is my story about being chased by a similarly persistent fucker, which eventually had a happy ending. :)
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ianmackayeslove [13.11.05::10:15]
You could've broken his face. That'd be some true gangsta shit. Damn, that's what I would do. Please remind me never to leave comments on your journal. They always seem too drunk sounding. There's this "spare cigarette" lady in the U-District who always chases people around asking them for spare cigarettes until they duck into some store (or work, for me). That bitch will not let up until you just flat-out tell her, "NO! I am not going to give you a fucking cigarette!". And people don't even need to survive with cigarettes. Actually, it helps kill them. Maybe I should buy cartons of cigarettes and give them out to people who ask for them. Oh dear, I'm going to hell. Shoot. End of comment.
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tyrven [24.09.08::11:29]
"You could've broken his face" - this is why I miss you.
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mcfnord [13.11.05::10:21]
one-legged man?
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tyrven [13.11.05::09:14]
I'm not sure. He had a gray beard and a raspy high-pitched voice. I only noticed the crutches but he may well have been missing a leg.
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mcfnord [13.11.05::09:17]
Around Pine and Melrose?
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tyrven [13.11.05::09:20]
We were on Pine and Bellevue, but yeah same general area...
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mcfnord [13.11.05::09:21]
ah yes, the unfortunate one-legged man.

poverty is a downer.
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gfrancie [13.11.05::04:02]
Well that is when you break his spirit in.
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lormagins [13.11.05::05:05]
i prefer the homeless guy downtown who has a sign saying "i just want a beer." in fact, a number of us at work have come across him (he's usually at the aurora on-ramp at denny) and have actually handed him a beer, and he's always totally thankful. i hate the guys who say they just want food and then if you offer them some perfectly good food, totally untouched, they sneer and get assy with you.
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tyrven [13.11.05::09:17]
That's when you spit in their face.
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mcfnord [13.11.05::09:22]
honesty is so beautiful.
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gfrancie [13.11.05::11:07]
here is the website I told you about that is devoted to house/flat exchanges and cheap rentals around the world.

There are some amazing deals on renting villas in Tuscany that will make you drool.

You need to go to Europe. It is so choice.
joez9 [13.11.05::11:10]
When the spare change collectors accost me, I usually find it best to respond with one of the following responses:

1. "Get a job."
2. "Ya know, I just gave all of my change to another guy about a block ago." Usually, this causes an angry reaction when he fears someone else is on his turf.
3. "Here ya go!" and then toss 35 cents out into to traffic. "Whoops!"
4. Sometimes you can beat them to the punch, if you ask them for change before they can ask you. This really confuses them.

If you do actually give them some change, be sure to ask them for a receipt for your taxes!
thaddeusquay [13.11.05::11:16]
Speaking of 35 cents, there's a guy around here who says: "You don't have 35 cents, do you?" My reaction to this is usually: "When you put it that way, then no, I don't."
thaddeusquay [13.11.05::11:10]
You should have just handed over the wife. :)
thaddeusquay [14.11.05::04:35]
Speaking of change, here is something for the avid Flickr-phile to check out:
thaddeusquay [14.11.05::04:40]
Oops, here's the article about Riya:,1294,69514,00.html