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Sara's Birthday Party

01.12.05 Thursday
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Sara had a small birthday event on Monday at the Rendezvous. The pictures are a bit warm and some of them expose my ignorance about syncing a flash. I think this is my favorite picture of velvet I've taken. {On that note, I wish we'd made karaoke tonight}. I also really like this photo of Katie and I, taken by quent asabass.

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yiyi [01.12.05::11:45]
you never steal my soul any more. its cus i'm ugly, huh. : [

why do you always try to make me cry : [

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yiyi [01.12.05::11:47]
ps. when r we getting dinnarz?

i can more, or less, plan my schedule around you and your, at least somewhat, wonderful katie.

just let m3 kn0z
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verybadlady [01.12.05::09:48]
I love the light in those photos.
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tyrven [02.12.05::12:13]
Thanks. I used the flash for most of them, although it was hard because a) the ceiling was high, and b) the ceiling was black and the walls dark red. I had better luck with color balance using the ceiling, but to avoid the walls I had to tilt my flash at such an angle that it created weird syncing issues and cast shadows on the lower portion of people's faces (you can see this in a couple of these photos; it was really bad in a couple I didn't post). I'm still learning the caveats of working with lighting, obviously.

Also, I almost always color correct lighting. I didn't do that as much in this set because there wasn't enough data to get natural looking skin tones. One of the things I'm challenging myself to do photographically is to become more comfortable with the offset color of natural lighting (to some degree). Yes, white balance is important, but some offset creates a nice mood.
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chris [01.12.05::10:14]
these are all flash photos? nice!
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tyrven [02.12.05::12:15]
Yup, at ISO 100 and 200. Even at ISO 800 w/ my f/1.4 I wouldn't have been able to get much light out of the Rendezvous because it's so dark in there. I'm striving to use flash to get the same photos I usually take but with better color and slower ISOs. It's a challenge and I think ultimately I'll need to invest in some detached lighting.
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phunbee [01.12.05::11:58]
Cute pic of you and Katy. Looks like it was hella fun!
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tyrven [02.12.05::12:18]
It was fun, although we were exhausted and didn't stay out late. Still, we saw friends that we haven't seen in a while and that was nice.
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asabass [02.12.05::05:44]
Nice, Nice.

But I'm 99.9% sure I took the one of you and Katie.
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tyrven [02.12.05::07:44]
Oh, man, I'm sorry. It's a very nice photo. I'll recredit it...