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Vicars and Tarts Mixer

04.12.05 Sunday
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The vicars and tarts mixer was alright. I ran into several people I wasn't expecting to see there. Overall, though, it was too dark, loud and crowded (neither condusive to photography or socializing). Also, most of the people disregarded the theme, which was a shame.

At some point, Willow and myself and Katie crashed the neighbors party but it was too small not to be noticed so we ate some of their food, had some wine and left.

Apparently the cops came after we left and arrested people, but we'd left for Ang's birthday party by that point.

As a whole, I was pleased with these photos. I returned my flash, so I'm back to available lighting.

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gfrancie [04.12.05::11:53]
I think for a Vicars and Tarts party to really work it has to be done on a nice summer day as a sort of garden party. Everything is very civilized except for the outfits.

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lormagins [05.12.05::02:34]
one of the guys in the set (blue shirt, taking a photo) looks a lot like a real-life version of one of the characters from "gorillaz".

great hair on that guy - it's a look i think is cool, although it can be somewhat greasy when done wrong.

i think i'm seeing the same things in your photos that i always personally wasn't happy about with flash - i liked the detail level you achieve, for example, when you shot katie sleeping, but the photos all look very washed out, in the sense that it looks like everyone's been placed in a a white cube that's very, very brightly lit. there isn't an allowance for the colors that are created with natural/available light, which not only has a ton of colors within the lighting itself, but creates more within the shadows and highlights than i think it achieveable with flash. but again, you also sacrifice detail a little too, so i guess it's one of those thing where it's going to come down to what's more important to you. *shrug*

although it would be nice to see you do a set of black and white using flash and see how that works out.
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tyrven [05.12.05::03:33]
Are you talking about this set or a previous set? I actually didn't use flash with this set (it's all available lighting) although the lighting was relatively dim (not a lot of ambient light) and thus it came across as fairly stark and contrasted in a lot of shots.

I don't mind the dramatic effect of indirect detatched flash. That's possible to acheive w/ attached flash (like the ones of Katie sleeping) but it's definitely difficult to accomplish unless you have an ideal environment (e.g., close neutral colored walls/ceilings to bounce off of).

I think I'm going to buy some detached lighting instead of buying another flash and see how that works out. It won't be as mobile, of course, but I think it'll work well for most cases where I need extra lighting. I may also buy a flash at some point but that'll be secondary to detached lighting.
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lormagins [05.12.05::04:01]
hmmm, actually i was talking about this set - you mentioned that you've now returned the flash so i assumed you'd used it for this one, and the way the pics looked i certainly would have been able to believe they were taken with flash. weird. yeah, it's mostly the starkness of the lighting that i was talking about then - i found flash (in my experience, anyway) creates a similar effect. of course, so do american sitcom tv sets, but that's for another rant altogether. :)

personally i want a small light kit that's fairly portable for interview filming, because i ended up with major problems in terms of filming on the spot and doing purely in-camera work to try to compensate for some of the hideously-lit offices. one guy i interviewed had sunlight coming *through the shades* plus fluorescents plus warm, standard GE-60 watt bulb lamps - and the extra annoying thing was that when i would turn off lamps to try to lower the lighting variables that i was dealing with, it created too much darkness and i would have had to shoot at a different shutter speed, which in motion pictures totally dicks things up if you're not wanting the slo-mo or super-fast effects. and there i was with just an ND filter, indoor or outdoor light-filtration options and my f-stops only open up as far as 1.6. blah. just a key and a fill light (2 redheads) would have solved the problem altogether because i could have set them up, turned off that guy's lights completely and shot a good shot.

so, next doc i definitely am getting a small light kit.
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thingstouchme [05.12.05::07:32]
my faves are 26, 27, and 29. that girl is hott.
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phunbee [05.12.05::10:05]
People were arrested at your party! I wanna be arrested for partying too hard. Lame!