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girlstyle's Birthday

04.12.05 Sunday
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After the Vicars and Tarts Mixer, we headed over to Ang's birthday party. Things were pretty mellow there and no one we knew was still there. I think interimlover and I were the only two males present, which would have been a fine ratio had all of the girls not been gay*.

* In the sexual way.

{int i; i=3; i++}

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darkfairy13 [05.12.05::12:12]
The last line sounds like a song..
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girlstyle [05.12.05::01:21]
sorry about jumping ship really abruptly. my stomach started feeling sloshy so I went to lay down and never got back up. thanks for coming over!
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tyrven [06.12.05::02:16]
Oh, no problem. It was what, like 3:30a after all.