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14.12.05 Wednesday
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At Katie's department's white elephant exchange, I won a new laptop. The most impressive features: it's less than a pound, it comes preinstalled with several games and runs on standard batteries without a dependency on an electrical outlet. I love it.

{int i; i=9; i++}

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dizzyflower [14.12.05::08:39]
(Anonymous) [14.12.05::10:59]
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tyrven [14.12.05::04:06]
I haven't tested that yet. I've been told, however, that I can run it on cat power.
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meowlet [14.12.05::05:22]
Wait, is that you?

I is confused.
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tyrven [14.12.05::06:05]
Yup, that's me!
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meowlet [14.12.05::09:55]
I like it!
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karinkarinkarin [14.12.05::09:29]
nice hair.
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tyrven [15.12.05::10:10]
Thanks. I just got it cut after that, but I decided to leave it long because I'm liking it lately. It's now a bit easier to maintain and shorter on the sides but the top is still moppy.
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phunbee [15.12.05::01:39]
Gawd dammit you get everything!!!!
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lauraisatramp [16.12.05::04:39]
I bet the asshole who got stuck with the scented candles is piiiissed.