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14.12.05 Wednesday
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On Friday, Katie and I went to her math department party at University of Washington. It was a potluck and there was a ton of food. Katie brought Swedish meatballs that were quite excellent. Anyway, here are some photos. I liked this one of some professor choking his newborn baby; I thought it was adorable.

{int i; i=13; i++}

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darkfairy13 [14.12.05::12:22]
Oh, I want to put them in my pocket forever.
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tyrven [14.12.05::04:07]
I don't know about where you're from but around these parts we have laws against that.
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belovedrooster [14.12.05::03:54]
I believe the correct term would be "smothering" rather than "choking".
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belovedrooster [14.12.05::04:01]
Of notable interest is 03.jpg, in which the little Asian girl is clearly modeling the aforementioned professor with the same degree of glee.
ex_apalefire749 [14.12.05::05:25]
mmm baby choking. that made my day. thanks.
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getlocalgirl [14.12.05::06:02]
That little girl on the right looks like she has smeared mustard and stuff on her face. It took me a minute to realize it was a tattoo.
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herbaliser [14.12.05::06:24]
god, children are disgusting.
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lormagins [14.12.05::10:09]
jeebus. where'd that take place, a daycare? orphanage? was it a joint party with breeders anonymous?

no one invites me to things like that because i just walk around passing out condoms and stern looks.
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phunbee [15.12.05::01:38]
Math department party? Dork.
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tyrven [15.12.05::09:59]
Oh, man, that's my wife you're talking about. Don't incite my male protective instincts ;-)
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phunbee [16.12.05::10:30]
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naughtsauce [15.12.05::07:27]
holy crap, the little asian girl's dimples are killing me.

also, i like the second picture though i'm not sure of what it is.
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tyrven [16.12.05::11:12]
The second picture is a tube from a radio; in the background are christmas lights (obviously out of focus).