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Church Christmas Party

25.12.05 Sunday
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Katie's family's church had a Christmas party at Katie's parent's house the other day. This was full of exciting events such an outdoor barbeque (in fourty degree weather?!) and an innovative game in which teams had to assemble bible verses; I haven't had this much fun since attending my grandmother's "vacation bible school" in third grade.

This photo is of Katie's dad (Jose) and sister. I also have photos of her mother, niece, niece and nephew as well as a variety of other people that I didn't know.

I also liked this photo of one of the refugees from New Orleans. I'm hoping to get more photos of the displaced in the next week; Katie and I will be heading down to New Orleans tomorrow and staying there for a few days.

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huffines [25.12.05::06:44]

My dad is, as I type this, over at my Uncle Paul's house in DeQueen, Arkansas enjoying a Christmas barbeque... People in that area barbeque at strange times of the year.
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tyrven [25.12.05::08:04]
That's insane. It's freezing here right now. According to Katie, it's normally a bit warmer in this area around this time of the year so maybe that explains it. I guess I've seen people barbecue stuff outside in pretty inane weather in Seattle, but they usually bring it inside to eat. In this case, all of the food was served and eaten outside (well, with the exception of Katie and I, who ate inside).
ex_apalefire749 [25.12.05::08:41]
that little kid seems cool.