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"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion"

26.01.06 Thursday
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What happens when anti-choice women get knocked up? [Punchline]. Only it's not really funny at all. (From skiplogic).

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herbaliser [26.01.06::08:14]
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johnnyblacklove [26.01.06::08:17]
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skiplogic [26.01.06::09:45]
My favorites are the girls that hold high offices in right to life organizations. Or maybe the german woman who called the doctor a murderer on the way out the door. I'm trying really hard to make sense of these people, but the only rational explanation is too sad to accept.
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tyrven [26.01.06::10:00]
This is one of the few links I've followed on LiveJournal that was compelling enough to read all the way through. Every anecdote was fascinating and depressing at the same time.

I don't think that this type of hypocricy is all that surprising. Sexuality in general falls into the same boat; people either repress or publicly deny their sexual desires due to religious guilt, but that obviously doesn't prevent biology from taking its course.

Semi-related: I think it's ironic that people who belong to a religion that is fundamentally based on personal responsibility (and which has a hard time accepting popular psychology because of its behaviorist roots) is so quick to deny responsibility for personal decisions. Of course, at the same time, when you factor in the social consequences (not to mention the perceived moral ones) it makes more sense.

The one that really hit me were the parents who brought their children in but were picketing the next day -- or the chief of staff at the hospital. I can understand how a teenager can get caught up in religious zealotry and then cling to its ideals even more to cover up their guilt. It's frustrating, but, you know addressing the complexity of moral decisions is part of growing up. When adults make exceptions for their children, though, it seems like a much more hideous beast.

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reenigne [26.01.06::09:55]
Fascinating and thought provoking article - thank you.
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joannemerriam [27.01.06::02:00]
Tags: pasteurized?
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tyrven [27.01.06::02:07]
I originally mispelled plagiarized in a way that looked like pasteurized, so now I add pasteurized to all of my plagiarized posts.
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joannemerriam [27.01.06::03:24]
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shinyobject [27.01.06::04:15]
That is really sad. Making that kind of choice, going against everything you thought you believed in--that'll fuck you up right quick, even more than these girls were before.

It's about the most traumatic thing I can think of, "killing" your own "baby" if that's how you think of it. Thinking you're going to hell and whatnot.