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10.02.06 Friday
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Apparently, it's been just over eight months since Katie and I started dating. That's a lot longer than it seems. Normally it's around the six month point that I start to tire of someone or feel bored. I still think she's quite a catch.

Photo by goldfischegirl.

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two thumbs up - goldfischegirl [10.02.06::11:17]
you guys are pretty much perfect for eachother.
and i say that in the most pessimistic and pro-polyamory way i can muster.
but yeah, she's the one - as far as i'm concerned. :)
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masque__ [10.02.06::11:25]
I only have bitter, horrible things to say about relationships.. but damn, you two look like you're completely in love.
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tyrven [11.02.06::12:12]
I think that the only natural thing about relationships is the desire for a mate/companion; and beyond that I certainly don't believe in love (at least in the traditional romantic view). Despite all of that, we seem to work well together, for whatever reason.
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ashlin519 [10.02.06::12:49]
That's awesome. Of course you're proving that stupid saying that you just have to find the right person
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herbaliser [10.02.06::05:35]
Well, it's clearly true for someone as annoying as jeremy is
tyrven [11.02.06::12:14]
herbaliser [11.02.06::02:56]
tyrven [11.02.06::09:04]
herbaliser [12.02.06::08:24]
tyrven [11.02.06::12:13]
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amai_unmei [10.02.06::02:38]
You two win at life. :)
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getlocalgirl [10.02.06::05:34]
Congrats! You two are very complimentary. I guess caseyplusplus and I have been together for 10 months. Scary.
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colvincd [10.02.06::06:25]
I find it hard to believe that it's only been 8 months as well. You're always "Katie and I this" and "Katie and I that..."

No. Seriously, congrats.
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lormagins [10.02.06::06:40]
when reading this my first thought, due to my competitive nature, was "ha! andy and i are coming up on 3 years in may! pwn3d!!!"

i need to give you a bottle of whiskey and get you to take pics of us at some point.
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tyrven [11.02.06::12:16]
Now whiskey... that's a definite motivator!! I've been out of scotch for the last few months and it's driving me batty.
lormagins [11.02.06::01:29]
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katethoughts [10.02.06::07:03]
That's awesome! It's inspiring to think that even a noncommittal guy such as you used to be can become so happy in a relationship when it's the right girl.
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tyrven [11.02.06::12:18]
Commitment still gives me the creeps -- and yet, on a daily basis I have no motivation to leave, so the pattern is established.
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xaotica [10.02.06::07:35]

even my cold, bitter, cynical remnants of a heart find posts like this sweet.
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velvet [10.02.06::08:29]
Damn. She's got you conned, man.
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tyrven [11.02.06::12:19]
Totally. Which makes me respect her even more! I think anyone capable of deceiving me for an extended period of time is worthy of some level of admiration :).
herbaliser [12.02.06::08:22]
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mcfnord [10.02.06::09:05]
seal the deal
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tyrven [11.02.06::12:21]
I think that might just jinx it...
mcfnord [11.02.06::12:23]
tyrven [11.02.06::12:41]
herbaliser [12.02.06::08:27]
tyrven [12.02.06::08:32]
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phunbee [10.02.06::09:15]
The pics of you two are always so cute. I am 32 flavors of jealous.
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chris [10.02.06::10:33]
are you offering her pie in that picture? that's quite romantic.
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tyrven [11.02.06::12:20]
Quesadilla I think. It was a false lure, though; a few seconds after that I licked her face, I believe.