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10.02.06 Friday
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I decided to pick up my camera today and take some photos using my flash and shutter release, neither of which I've really gotten used to. Katie, myself and the cats were used as subjects.

These also show off Katie's new glasses. Plus there are a couple random other photos thrown in that I found on my memory card from the last couple weeks.

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monoecious [11.02.06::03:58]
oh Shinj, how i miss your fuzzy wittle pawz
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tyrven [11.02.06::04:22]
Both of them have been a little nuts lately because a) I started free feeding them, and b) I setup an office and so there has been a lot of furniture being moved around. They get so funny whenever their environment changes!

Also, Misato is still really territorial with Katie. Whenever Katie goes to sit down Misato will run and jump into the place she's about to sit. It's crazy.
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karinkarinkarin [11.02.06::08:03]
sophie does that with me too (the running to the place where I'm about to sit), although I have this feeling that she just wants love. ALL the time. she's black and fuzzy like shinji, and cries all the time for attention like he does. it's funny. and annoying as hell.
(Anonymous) [11.02.06::04:03]
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tyrven [11.02.06::04:08]
I almost always use my 50mm f/1.4 lens, which is probably the biggest factor; the 50mm f/1.8 is a lot cheaper and will yield pretty comparable results (it's the lens I used up until September). Usually I shoot at ISO 800 indoors; in these, because I was using my attached flash, I was able to get away with ISO 200 (and thus the photos are less grainy and will look better in print). Similarly, I normally shoot at about 1/25th of a second (which is a bit blurry); in these, however, I was able to shoot at 1/80th of a second (thanks again to the flash).

In all of these, I bounced the flash off the left wall/window to simulate the look of natural lighting; I think they look pretty comparable to the photos I've taken without flash (which was the goal).
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katethoughts [11.02.06::04:14]
The measuring spoons shot has stock photo written all over it. In a good way!
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tyrven [11.02.06::04:19]
I need to look into how the whole stock photography thing works and then sort through my photos and start shopping them around. It'd be fun to see what photos people bought and, well, it might help contribute towards the costs of what is becoming a relatively expensive hobby :).
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thegoddesskali [11.02.06::05:01]
hey, your kitty looks like my kitty!!!!
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raspberrywater [11.02.06::05:40]
so that's what I looked like just before I blacked out. AWESOME.
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tyrven [11.02.06::05:57]
Just be thankful I didn't post the pictures from while you were blacked out!
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raspberrywater [11.02.06::07:09]
not more blackmail material...
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karinkarinkarin [11.02.06::08:08]
I liked this photo because it hides the chin I've managed to develop since meeting Katie. It's my new "Irked" icon (which I need just in case Karin comments on my blog).

hah! I like that photo. but. it's more of a 'grr' icon than 'irked.' and I think I like the one of you smiling while holding shinjii better.