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We just can't stop

11.02.06 Saturday
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Holy narcissism! Eight more photos of Katie and a few of me. I think I've got the hang of the flash now, at least for portrait work.

Now I need to try it out in a more crowded setting without a predictable bounce source (e.g., outside); that's where I really stumbled in New Orleans and also Casey's wedding (due to the high ceilings).

{int i; i=27; i++}

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fierceflawless [11.02.06::08:45]
these are beautiful. need a new model?
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tyrven [11.02.06::08:48]
Yes, I think I'm finally ready to start using my camera again! As soon as I get my car's ignition fixed I'll let you know (right now I'm home bound) and we'll do a shoot.
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karinkarinkarin [12.02.06::12:46]
I need an ego booster. once the bruise on my cheek (frisbee), the dry/cracked lips (weather/sickness), and the deep cuts on my hand (sophie) heal, you should take some nice photos of me for my birthday.

I've been injury prone for a while though (more so now than I was); kind of put me in a depressed mood.
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skiplogic [12.02.06::01:18]
i'd really like to see how your eye treats b00g2
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meowlet [11.02.06::04:46]
She looks gorgeous! But that's because she like, is, not because you have any talent! Although I'm sure you do. Probably. I'm not jealous :(
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tyrven [11.02.06::08:45]
Pfffft, whatever. She's totally gorgeous - but so are you.
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meowlet [11.02.06::09:09]

I soooooo don't forgive you for putting that up.

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tyrven [11.02.06::09:25]
Ok, so that's not the most flattering photo of you. But that sneer is so awesome I couldn't resist!
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But I meant, - meowlet [11.02.06::09:10]
jealous of your photography skills.
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Re: But I meant, - tyrven [11.02.06::09:26]
I can see right through your candy coated insults!
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meowlet [11.02.06::04:47]
(I might be a little jealous.)

The ones of you made me laugh. That first one looks like you're about to get slapped.
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tyrven [11.02.06::08:46]
Haha Katie thought I looked constapated. I was actually just yawning. Although I do toss out the "I'm about to get slapped face" every few minutes just as a precautionary measure. You never know when some random hand is going to come out of nowhere.
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That's true. - meowlet [11.02.06::09:03]
Like that one party? Where I called you a slut?

That was awesome.
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Re: That's true. - tyrven [11.02.06::09:27]
Although I've long forgot what I said, I'm sure I deserved that!
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Re: That's true. - meowlet [11.02.06::10:16]
You didn't say anything. As I recall, I walked up to you and called you a slut or something similar and pretended to slap you while taking a picture with my other hand.
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Re: That's true. - tyrven [12.02.06::08:25]
That's boring. I tried telling Katie that it was because I sexually harrassed you, but she noted that she was standing right there and knew better than that.
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meowlet [13.02.06::07:20]
How about this: you said "wow, at least one of us knows how to shave their legs."
flangirl [11.02.06::11:15]
If Katie ever breaks up with you, she can come live with me.
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tyrven [12.02.06::08:26]
If you'd like the increase the odds of that happening, you can pay me a monthly retainer and I'll lease her out.
(Anonymous) [12.02.06::10:15]
I would, but Ryan had that same brilliant idea.
flangirl [12.02.06::10:17]
uhh...that was me. i was thinking we could be liberated together, you know, free from the tyranny of being leased out all the time...
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tyrven [12.02.06::10:27]
Honestly, what is this world coming to when a man doesn't have the right to whore out his woman?
flangirl [12.02.06::11:36]
Well that's what happens when you live in a police state.
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tyrven [12.02.06::11:43]
Clearly, in the name of Democracy, a "peace keeper" action is necessary.

Oh, wait...
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ohamber [12.02.06::05:12]
holy cow...she's BEAUTIFUL! i love the shot of her playing with her hair.
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a_gentle_hill [13.02.06::06:10]
I've considered taking one of your pictures of short-haired Katie with me when I get my hair cut as an example... although her hair probably behaves better than mine and she's way cuter, the cut and style is lovely and I want it. But I'll probably try to grow it out for a while yet.
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tyrven [13.02.06::09:38]
You two may have pretty comparable hair. Her hair, naturally, is really wavy if not downright curly; she has to spend a lot of time in the bathroom to get it straight (although once she does that it's a bit easier to maintain). It's amazing how different she looks when her hair is curly vs. straight; I go back and forth on which i prefer personally, probably based mostly just on liking the diversity.