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16.02.06 Thursday
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Katie bought me a bottle of Laphroaig for Valentine's Day.

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lormagins [16.02.06::02:19]
wow. i'm wondering if whiskey is the gift of choice for the first valentine's or something - the first year andy and i were together i got him a bottle of oban, an engraved zippo, engraved 2-chamber flask and some porn. LOL
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meowlet [16.02.06::04:09]
Oooh, nice!
(Anonymous) [19.02.06::05:49]
Oh. I guess that isn't a tea, then.
I got a card for Valentine's day. ... and a friendly handshake. - Molly Malone
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tyrven [21.02.06::03:15]
That's more than I gave Katie. Thus the reason she doesn't have a "Why I love Jeremy" post hah.