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All sorts of fucked up.

20.02.06 Monday
06:26 pm - All sorts of fucked up. Previous Entry Share Next Entry
I was going to make Katie sign this but apparently even I have some level of compassion.

So, instead, I'm allowing her to first cross out three terms of her choice, excluding the word "not" (although I retain the right to a one-time veto).

{int i; i=18; i++}

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tsk tsk - amai_unmei [21.02.06::02:42]
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Re: tsk tsk - tyrven [21.02.06::08:42]
Haha that's so funny! I hadn't even seen that yet.
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goldfischegirl [21.02.06::02:46]
She's obviously a service submissive, just like Katie, but they made this guy out to be a horrible person just because he was catering to his wife's S&M needs! How rude!
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tyrven [21.02.06::08:45]
I was totally thinking the same thing. And the only reason she turned this over is because now the cops are fulfilling her need to be dominated.
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goldfischegirl [21.02.06::05:56]
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nightsinger [21.02.06::09:07]
Indeed. Honestly, it seemed fairly reasonable to me, as a Master/slave D/s contract...
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girlpirate [21.02.06::03:07]
I'm going to make Matt sign one of these.
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tyrven [21.02.06::08:46]
To ensure that he always wears skirts out in public - but never further than one inch below his knees?
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wow. - lady_waist [21.02.06::03:38]
Never a dull moment.
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gfrancie [21.02.06::03:48]
Really we all know she has made you sign one.
You are now only allowed to wear thongs and garter belts.
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tyrven [21.02.06::08:46]
That's not entirely true.
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tyrven [21.02.06::08:47]
I mean, about the garter belts at least.
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gfrancie [21.02.06::03:57]
Oh thank goodness. We don't want you repeating that whole "Rocky Horror Picture Show" thing.
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phunbee [21.02.06::04:05]
Will there be a clause regarding the number of times you have sex and any cash bonuses that she may receive for overtime in the sex department??
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tyrven [21.02.06::08:48]
Wait -- why would she get cash bonuses for more sex? Shouldn't I be the one with the incentive for offering up sex?
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phunbee [21.02.06::11:21] not really.
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tyrven [21.02.06::11:42]
See, all of these classic stereotypes start to fall apart whenever applied to my relationships because rather consistently I'm less sex-driven than my partners. Not that I don't like sex (it's fun), I just don't have quite the same drive for it as most females I know.
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cookiebeyotch [21.02.06::07:17]
I think the most awesome thing about the whole document was stylish font that he used for the headings.