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Prom, 1979

21.02.06 Tuesday
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Having a prom when your religion doesn't permit dancing is pretty challenging, but hopefully this party made up for it.

Mix habenero vodka with lack of sleep and no food for twenty four hours (my typical mistake) and -- well, the camera tells the story (in reverse chronological order - Irreversible style). Certainly better than my memory of the events, at least. (And I wonder why Katie's friends don't like me...)

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lauraisatramp [22.02.06::08:32]
I don't know, man.... looks pretty 1960's....

I also love how well-lit your parties seem to be. Less ruffies that way, I'd imagine.
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tyrven [22.02.06::10:13]
Who needs ruffies when you have sluts and hos?
woojoegai [22.02.06::06:00]
it's sort of creepy when you see pics of the grad students you work with show up in someone's blog. i see beth, emily, zach, etc. eep!

(i know your katie is a math grad student so i shouldn't be too surprised, but, eep!)
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tyrven [22.02.06::08:13]
Hah! That's so funny. I don't know Emily and I only had a brief drunken conversation with Zach that I don't remember (although I believe I met him on a sailing trip once a while ago). Beth is awesome.
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phunbee [23.02.06::10:34]
You go to the best parties man. Shit.