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girl19's Birthday Party

05.03.06 Sunday
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After a brief visit with herbaliser and velvet at Bal Mar, we headed all the way down to Tacoma for girl19's birthday party at Bob's Java Jive, where we also saw das_prompt (although the noise level didn't permit much conversation). In honor of the birthday girl, this set mostly includes pictures of Miranda (and her ass).

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phunbee [06.03.06::01:28]
You always attend the best damn parties. Color me jealous.
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tyrven [06.03.06::07:00]
Well, you know, I've got food and lovin at home so it takes a lot to get me dressed up and out of the house. I'm not going to go unless it promises to be a fun time.

On that note, why don't you ever throw parties, huh?
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phunbee [06.03.06::11:22]
My space is too small. But I am throwing the poetry slam on the 6th of April and I am having a barbeque in Volunteer Park this summer.
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tyrven [07.03.06::06:13]
Awesome -- I love barbeques! And sometimes I like poetry.
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belovedrooster [06.03.06::02:29]
I remember her!

That looks like it would have been a fun party.
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girl19 [06.03.06::11:26]
who are you!? :)
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belovedrooster [07.03.06::01:00]
Aimee. I met you at Germy's Birthday party. I was in a short, short purple and white flowered 60's dress. You were with your super-cool dad. We are guacamole and talked awhile.
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girl19 [07.03.06::01:13]
yum... quacamole.... :) Well now that you are a friend of mine Ill make sure you know when the next party is. I don't throw them very often but I do love doing it.
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belovedrooster [07.03.06::01:20]

Sounds good to me!
Likewise -- I'll let you know when I'll be hosting a shin-dig (I live in Seattle - west of UW.)
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hahaha - a_gentle_hill [06.03.06::04:23]
Way cute.
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kety [06.03.06::05:50]
That looks like so much fun! Yay for posting those pics.
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spittle [06.03.06::07:01]
Mmm, I miss Bob's Java Jive. Thankfully I'll be living there again in a few weeks. Did you ever see it when it had monkeys in the back?

And, because I read your review, I think the mix of people that are there at any given time is the best part about it. Last time I was there, there was this amazing man who, despite probably being somewhat of a Tacoma-version of a hick, managed actually to look like an old hipster dressed all in black with aviators. He was telling everyone about the time he saw D.B. Cooper.
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tyrven [06.03.06::10:27]
That's so awesome. I can totally see that happening there.
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girl19 [06.03.06::09:09]
Thank you so much for coming it was very unexpected and exciting. You took some great pictures. I hope you Katie enjoyed yourselves. It is always interesting to combine such a variety of people many of whom I know and love but have only heard of eachother.
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tyrven [06.03.06::10:09]
Yeah, good times. Particularly at the end -- I tend to prefer house parties as they're more intimate and you can actually hold a conversation.
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girl19 [06.03.06::11:25]
I never have a house big enough to envite everyone that I want. One day Id like to be able to do that.