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Online Prostitution Goes Public

22.05.06 Monday
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Date:May 22, 2006
Subject:Selling sex online

Thanks for your insightful investigation about selling sex online.

It really bothers me that Craigslist doesn’t take responsibility for the content other people post on their site. I’m sure Craig has gotten filthy rich off people selling prostitution via his free web service. And the audacity to expect the community to monitor his site for him!

Based on your article, you may be interested in covering a similar situation that has fallen underneath the legal radar for years. In my neighborhood (out in Bothell) there is a municipal park with a public bulletin board in it (nothing fancy like Craigslist, just an old fashioned cork board). Similar to Craigslist, though, it is unmonitored by the owners - my very own city government!

The other day I walked past it and saw a girl advertising "baby-sitting" services. Is she over eighteen? Do her parents know she’s doing this? Is she reporting her income to the IRS? More importantly, what else might she be selling? It appalls me that my tax dollars are going to support this type of negligence.

I expect depravity and the corruption of youth from the Internet. I mean, it’s the same forum that brought us pornography and MySpace. I expect government to hold itself to a higher level of public responsibility, though.

I’d love to see you cover this in a follow-up investigation.

Jeremy Caney
A concerned citizen

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spittle [22.05.06::07:42]

Oh John Sharify.
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popcultureicon [22.05.06::07:51]
well worded.
we should start a news magazine.
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kenatent [22.05.06::01:23]
Or maybe a local news station that doesn't totally suck.
tyrven [23.05.06::05:10]
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mcfnord [22.05.06::03:27]
your genius blooms again.
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gfrancie [22.05.06::03:27]
Careful you might replace Ken Schram in his position.
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patrick [22.05.06::11:17]
This couldn't be a bad thing.
gfrancie [23.05.06::02:48]
tyrven [23.05.06::05:28]
gfrancie [23.05.06::03:37]
tyrven [23.05.06::10:01]
gfrancie [24.05.06::02:15]
tyrven [23.05.06::05:13]
gfrancie [23.05.06::03:36]
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colvincd [22.05.06::03:38]
Well done.

Although, all they're doing is imitating cable news, really sad actually.
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tyrven [23.05.06::05:16]
I haven't really watched television in over a decade until Katie got me into "Lost". It's been really fascinating. It's curious how well coordinated the topics of the news are; like there are themes they introduce that recur for a few weeks and then they introduce a new theme. A couple weeks ago it was child murders/abductions and this week it's bear captures in suburbia and how MySpace is corrupting our youth. Very well thought out.

And yes, very much like Cable news. Except CSPAN, of course.
colvincd [23.05.06::03:14]
tyrven [23.05.06::10:00]
colvincd [24.05.06::12:56]
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skiplogic [22.05.06::04:24]
That might be the worst "news article" ever published.
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tyrven [23.05.06::05:18]
I dunno, it's got a lot of competition, but it's absolutely a contender. It frustrated me that the mother was blaming her child's personal value decisions on the internet. But then, I tend to believe in liberty and personal consequence in favor of the police state.
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almosttruth [22.05.06::05:42]
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goldfischegirl [22.05.06::06:30]
HAHAHAHA brilliant
i totally laughed out loud when i saw the commericial for that BREAKING NEWS STORY last night. i was like ummm yeah, you can buy anything on craigslist, even vag. duh.
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tyrven [23.05.06::05:21]
I suspect there are a lot of people who didn't know that, so it's certainly fostered awareness. It gets tiresome driving down the street looking for tonight's pussy; I love the fact that I can order movies, take out and a hot piece of tail all from the comfort of my laptop. Pretty soon I'll never need to leave the house.
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bbcaddict [22.05.06::08:24]
HEHEH I watched this as well and I got just as annoyed with this over the flap about MySpace on the national "news" programmes.
It's a PARENTING issue fucktards.
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tyrven [23.05.06::05:24]
I wouldn't mind people thinking that the government should be involved if I felt that people really wanted to give up authority to the government (I wouldn't agree with them, but I can understand the ideology). What bothers me is that they want to retain authority but give up accountability and responsibility. It puts the government in a really difficult position. You see this with teachers today; they're not really allowed to discipline students but when the students do something stupid people immediately blame the teachers. How's that work?
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patrick [22.05.06::11:18]
This article is going to force all my craigslist correspondence to open with "I am not a cop."
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tyrven [23.05.06::05:25]
OMG, are you a cop? Because nothing reeks of being a cop more than saying you're not a cop.
patrick [23.05.06::09:05]
tyrven [23.05.06::10:03]
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masque__ [25.05.06::12:42]
I've got the best chest of drawers in the west..

do think I can sell that on craigslist?

or is that prostitution, too?