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Look at my brains

25.05.06 Thursday
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Today we were driving down I5 and this semi pulled up next to us and yelled "nice tits!" Initially I thought he was calling me fat, but then I realized he was talking to Katie. She was wearing her seatbelt across her chest which gave particular emphasis to her rack. She started blushing.

That's the funny thing about Katie. Most girls I've dated would have flipped the guy off and then gone off on a rant about the sexual objectification of women, but she can get hit on by the least desirable elements of society (like the toothless guy in Mexico) and still be flattered.

Of course, by contrast, I think half the time when women bitch about a guy hitting on them they're just using the opportunity to draw attention to the attention they're getting.

Of some relevance, Katie noted today that she felt terribly rejected when I didn't try to put my dick in her on our first date. It's not that she would have put out, but given her interpretation of my alleged reputation she assumed that it was a reflection on her (which is ironic as I never fuck a girl on the first date).

Katie is pretty succinct in her analysis of this psychology. She wants to print a low cut shirt with the words "look at my brains" printed across the neckline.

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herbaliser [26.05.06::05:26]
I would have just flipped him off full stop. But then random guys in cars only honk/yell at me when I'm wearing baggy clothes.
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asiangoddess4 [26.05.06::07:15]
This is true, I don't think there is any rhymm or reason for what kind of dress or rack deserves a cat call; they can come at the oddest times.
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fierceflawless [26.05.06::06:09]
OH MY GAWD I would totally go in on that with her.
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ashlin519 [26.05.06::07:29]
Ditto, I totally want that shirt
tyrven [26.05.06::08:04]
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iamahome [26.05.06::06:41]
"...I think half the time when women bitch about a guy hitting on them they're just using the opportunity to draw attention to the attention they're getting."

It's true!
(Anonymous) [26.05.06::06:59]
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sarevilo [26.05.06::08:10]
I can agree with that. The distance (me being in one car, and him in another), and of course, having Jeremy with me, totally takes away the "threatened" aspect. With that in mind, I know that I would react differently if I was alone, or with just females.

I don't know what actually bothers me more; that I was initially flattered, and feel judged for it by the typical feminist standards (don't objectify me!), or that given different circumstances, I would feel threatened, and insecure.
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audiguy [26.05.06::08:09]
The general rule with women is that there is a catch-22 to everything.

If like them for their brains then they don't feel that you like them for their body enough. You like them for their body, and suddenly your superficial. There is no way of conveying the kind of appreciation that one can have for the total package.

If they have a pudgy stomach and you touch it then they get self concious. If you avoid it then they think you hate it and you think they're fat

There is a right way and a wrong way to do a cat call. Now personally I don't do cat calls because its against my behavioral programming. Which is a good thing because i don't have a clue as to what the line is on a cat call.

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tyrven [26.05.06::08:25]
In context of romantic relationships, and dwelling on gender stereotypes, I think a lot of this stems from men not communicating what they think and thus women being put into a role of having to read into unspoken body language (which can easily be misinterpreted). If you're not secure in a relationship then it's easy to put a negative spin on everything. This happens with men too, of course, but the stereotypes are easy to illustrate.

I think culturally women are programmed to think there is value in beauty (and, as we all know but rarely admit, there is). But at the same time, who wants to be defined by that? It's not validating if it doesn't complement our sense of self. I've had points in my life where I realized that my success or the respect I was given was based on arbitrary or circumstantial variables; my age, sex, timing, dress, etc. I can appreciate what that affords me while still wanting people to value me for the things that I feel define me (which have little to do with those more superficial variables).

The idea of you making a cat call makes me laugh very loudly.

audiguy [26.05.06::08:59]
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popcultureicon [26.05.06::11:01]
Of course, by contrast, I think half the time when women bitch about a guy hitting on them they're just using the opportunity to draw attention to the attention they're getting.
over half.
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oikade [26.05.06::12:59]
*from a man.
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divinemissa [26.05.06::12:10]
I have a red t-shirt with a picture of a padlock and the words "These are not free-range boobies" on it.

I don't wear it much but when I do it's really funny because men look at my chest to read the prominent logo with its slightly dirty word and then are terribly, terribly ashamed.
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tyrven [26.05.06::09:00]
Ha! That's fantastic.
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gfrancie [26.05.06::02:35]
She needs a shirt that says, "Yes. These are tits."
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phunbee [26.05.06::03:32]
That was me in the truck actually. And I was addressing you. Not Katie.
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sarevilo [26.05.06::06:07]
It's all that birth control he took last weekend... Made his tits big!
tyrven [26.05.06::10:40]
tyrven [26.05.06::10:08]
phunbee [26.05.06::10:10]
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my sister had a shirt like that - argon_boy [26.05.06::06:52]
it had written across the chest "these are not my eyes"
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meowlet [26.05.06::07:05]
I'd be flattered. But if I were taken I'd be all "FRESH!"
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tyrven [26.05.06::10:41]
And see, that's why you're fun to flirt with!
Hard Candy - thaddeusquay [26.05.06::11:59]

He's 32. He looks a lot like Jeremy. He wears glasses. He is a photographer. He lives in a rad, retro pad. She's 14. He hits on her, online. They meet up. She turns the tables on him. Lots of conversation, and some intense action, ensues. He loses, in an ending that's plausible, although probably not for Jeremy. I wonder if Jeremy would have been able to get himself out of the situation, especially with conversation alone. It's a challenging thought.
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Re: Hard Candy - tyrven [27.05.06::12:24]
Except I'd never date a fourteen year old because I'M NOT A PEDOPHILE.

I draw the line at fifteen.
Re: Hard Candy - tyrven [27.05.06::12:25]
Re: Hard Candy - thaddeusquay [27.05.06::12:47]
Re: Hard Candy - tyrven [27.05.06::01:11]
Re: Hard Candy - thaddeusquay [27.05.06::01:27]
(Anonymous) [29.05.06::11:51]
2 questions:

1) what do you think is the subtext of women bitching about gettin hit on the other half of the time?

2) where can i buy that t-shirt?

-Molly Malone
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tyrven [30.05.06::12:24]
Well, I think some women genuinely get annoyed either at how often they get hit on or the way that people choose to hit on them. I suspect part of this is based on mood as well. I know that if I'm really busy or preoccupied and someone hits on me it really rubs me the wrong way - I'm just not in that headspace and it's really jarring.
thaddeusquay [30.05.06::02:11]
tyrven [30.05.06::02:45]