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Fort Casey and Deception Pass

04.06.06 Sunday
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For Katie's birthday I took her on a road trip to Whidbey Island where we stopped by Fort Casey, Deception Pass and that annoyingly quaint town called Langley.

This set is mostly from the former two, almost exclusively taken with Katie's 28-135 IS lens. I also used her cheap polarizing filter and, while it definitely helped, it doesn't provide the same level of contrast that my old Nikon one did - I'll definitely be buying a Nikon or B+W one for my lens. Despite that, the saturation of colors the lens provides remained the same.

While in Langley we ate at the The Dog House tavern and had chili, a barbeque sandwhich and a Blind Pig Dunkelweisen. The food was excellent as was the beer (and that's saying a lot because I don't really like beer all that much usually). It's brewed in Leavenworth, Washington so I'll need to see if I can pick some up.

When we got back to Seattle, Katie wanted to hang out with some friends so we had an impromptu birthday at Dante's (Katie wanted to play pinball but Shorties is too pretentious for my tastes so we opted for sorority girls instead). By the time people showed up, though, I was pretty tired and cranky and ended up leaving shortly after midnight. I blame waking up before noon. And I'm sure excercising didn't help. Regardless, it's the first night in a long time I actually slept well.

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theremina [04.06.06::09:26]
Lovely photos. Happy birthday, Katie!

Ah, Dante's. I need to go back to Portland and to Dante's someday soon. Played a VERY cathartic show there, once. Long time ago.
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tyrven [04.06.06::09:29]
I haven't been to the Dante's in Portland - this was the one in Seattle, which is basically a typically University District bar.
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theremina [04.06.06::09:57]
Well, you should. It's the perfect marriage of seedy and classy and sexy.
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tyrven [04.06.06::10:16]
Sounds like my type of place!
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thingstouchme [04.06.06::09:56]
I really love the featured photo from the set, and the whole set alot.
I'm preoccupied with signage whenever I go anywhere. My next project is to do a documentary about signs. Maybe I can invent a church of Signtology?
Now I have an idea of where I want to have mine/Lyubo's portraits done!

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tyrven [04.06.06::10:21]
Thank you. Whidbey Island is one of my favorite day trips - although there are so many in this area that it's hard to choose. I want to take Katie out to the peninsula and also up the North Cascade Highway soon too.

Signtology haha. I love signage. I have tons of photos of hand painted signs from Mexico and Belize that I didn't post. The creativity and craft of these signs, though, is really remarkable. Speaking of, there is this car dealership with a bunch of hand-painted signs in Everett that I want to photograph. It looks like the owner had his thirteen year old son paint them - they have nothing to do with a car dealership at all. They're so bizarre!

Where do you want to have your portraits done?

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thingstouchme [06.06.06::03:54]
I would like to check out that dealership..

and I want us to have our portraits done wherever you guys went..the photos are perfect for what we want.

I still have never been to the Peninsula. I think that's odd.
lyrradskye [04.06.06::10:49]
This was one of my favorite ones I found on the peninsula (Fort Worden).
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tyrven [05.06.06::01:24]
Oh, that's classic!
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phunbee [05.06.06::12:02]
Those are beautiful! The one of Katie's breasts is great too ;p
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tyrven [05.06.06::01:25]
I take those mostly to piss her off but, you know, that tactic only works if I make a point of posting them!
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kenatent [05.06.06::04:43]
I've been to Fort Worden, one of Fort Casey's counterparts in the "Triangle of Fire."

But your pictures turned out nicer than mine did.
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tyrven [05.06.06::06:32]
I've been to Fort Casey a few times but I really want to check out some of the other forts in the area. I think next time we'll go to the penninsula up toward Port Townsend and look at what they have in that area (I seem to remember Fort Worden being in that area).
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sarcasticwriter [05.06.06::11:28]
I really like that shot of the wave breaking over the rocks.
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tyrven [05.06.06::06:38]
I like that one too. I think it's interesting how different waves look when you slow them down enough and zoom in.

Funn you should use that icon because I always take this photo whenever I'm up at Deception Pass.
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sarcasticwriter [05.06.06::08:38]
I think it's interesting how different waves look when you slow them down enough and zoom in.

Yeah, I sort of like the momentary cognitive dissonance of "why are there bubbles around those rocks? Oh, there's water."

Funn you should use that icon because I always take this photo whenever I'm up at Deception Pass.

Hee! Really, how often does one have an icon so perfectly suited to the subject matter?

And I love how you framed yours.
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meowlet [08.06.06::01:48]
Oh my God, I love Fort Casey. I haven't been there in years.
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wolfwoman2003 [11.08.06::12:32]
Cool photos. I fergot how pretty it is up there. It's been eons since I've been to Fort Casey.
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tyrven [11.08.06::12:51]
Me too! I always forget how much I love it until I go back.
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wolfwoman2003 [11.08.06::01:15]
I deem that a field trip, to the north, is in order soon...
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tyrven [11.08.06::01:21]
Do you ever go up to Fairhaven (part of Bellingham) via Chuckanut drive? It's probably my favorite road trip in Washington. Another is to go East at Highway twenty (instead of West to Deception Pass) across the North Cascade Highway.
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wolfwoman2003 [11.08.06::02:16]
I've driven Chucknut dozens and dozens of times, although it's been about 10 years since I've last been there. I used to hang out at Larrabee State Park a lot...that's some fine scenery there!

And I've been on Highway 20 several times, all the way past Gorge, Diablo amd Ross Dams and into Eastern Washington. Twisp and Winthrop are very cool towns. Gorgeous!

I haven't lived anywhere else (if one doesn't count my first 2.5 years in California), and I haven't visited many other states (can count on one hand what states I've been to), but I can honestly say, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Except for maybe the British Isles or Canadia.

Nope, Washington is it fer me.