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08.06.06 Thursday
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I'm at Trabant. Typical scene. Two older men. Turtle necks with tweed jackets. Arguing about religion. What Christ meant when he said "blah, blah, blah". What the problem with society is. Why Bush is like a Crusader. I assume they're professors. Or they're students who never graduated but never left; take your pick. Anyway, they're really quite passionate about it. It's pathetic. I hope that by the time I'm their age I have something better to talk about than religion. Like the weather.

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tyrven [09.06.06::05:56]
Oh, Christ, one of them just compared Jesus to Nitche. This is so seventh grade.
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adrinna [09.06.06::06:11]
hey now... weather is interesting to talk about NOW. not just when you're old. :-P
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tyrven [09.06.06::07:01]
I'm totally with you. I'm one of those people who think that the world would be a better place if people spent more time talking about the weather.
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jawllyholiday [09.06.06::12:51]
I almost got my degree in broadcast meteorology. But when I realized I had to know math and science to do that, and not just look purty, my brain threatened to implode and I bailed. But I have been on a couple of storm chases and have actually been just yards away from a tornado, which is killer cool. Quite an adrenaline rush.
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adrinna [09.06.06::03:43]
I saw the biggest tornado ever observed! Super cool :)
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jawllyholiday [10.06.06::12:17]
Which one was that?
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adrinna [10.06.06::01:24]
May 22, 2004 Hallam, Nebraska! It was 2.5 miles in diameter! :)
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tyrven [10.06.06::01:52]
I didn't even know they made tornados that large!
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tyrven [09.06.06::08:38]
Really? That's hard core!
audiguy [09.06.06::07:40]
I just wish people would STFU because everything already been said.

Been there, done that.

Wake me up when its raining frogs.

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gfrancie [09.06.06::03:23]
Maybe you can talk about the problem with the natives and why the empire will always work.
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mcfnord [09.06.06::05:28]
as tedious and predictable as these discussions are, they are in some sense the fuel that keeps the coffee flowing. it's symbiotic.
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tyrven [09.06.06::08:40]
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tyrven [09.06.06::08:40]
Maybe that's why I stopped drinking coffee?
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mcfnord [09.06.06::10:19]
holy crap what are you, jesus???
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fritz_da_kat [10.06.06::04:21]
Life is boring when you've been around the block a few times, eh?
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poeticpromise [13.06.06::12:12]
i find it hard to figure out what to talk about now that i've moved past a lot of those topics. i've figured out what i think, and i dont really ever bring it up anymore.

its like i lost my opinionated edge when i realized that i dont really need to argue with anyone about what i feel.

i usually feel trapped by the lack of depth in conversation, but i've come to notice that i equated depth with an argument or philosophy or something concerning matters which were only able to be grasped when i didn't understand them at all. now that i do, or at least see most of the picture, there isn't really a side to it. it just is.
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tyrven [13.06.06::12:15]
Yeah, totally. I used to hate the lack of deep conversations - and now I tire of people who always have an opinion about everything, and need to share it with you. It's ironic. Now I wonder how many of those people I used to think were shallow were just confident enough in their own views that they didn't feel the need to rehash them with every stranger.