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12.06.06 Monday
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Today I took photos of caseyplusplus and getlocalgirl, the latter of which has a little parasite growing in her tummy. Gross.

Casey also paid me for the wedding I shot for them, which I'm going to use to buy some studio lights as well as a wide angle prime (probably 20mm or 24mm). I should have gotten those BEFORE this shoot, but hindsight, right?

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daeverra [12.06.06::08:33]
Those are great...

Hey, we need to do a shoot for you too. What do you think?
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tyrven [12.06.06::06:03]
That'd be fun - just let me know when. And if you have ideas for what you're looking for then I can suggest places to do the shoot and what types of outfits to wear.
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goldfischegirl [12.06.06::03:49]
wow, what a change!
they look like such a token american couple, i love it.
i love hollie's haircut so much.
i am so excited for the little one to pop out.
you and i will have to compete for the its first photo rights.
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tyrven [12.06.06::06:05]
I think I'll have to concede the contest to you, unfortunately, because I'll be leaving the country for three weeks a day after it's supposed to be cut out of her belly :(.

Of course, my goal is to get back and get the first cute photos of it - since we all know that newborns are pretty damned ugly for the first few weeks ;-)
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getlocalgirl [12.06.06::06:51]

Of course, my goal is to get back and get the first cute photos of it - since we all know that newborns are pretty damned ugly for the first few weeks ;-)

Hahhaa...Ashely, you'll definitely be able to at least capture the first photos of the kid. We could get lucky and have an adorable newborn.

I can't believe how big I am!

Despite recording my hugeness, I'm glad we did that shoot. My fav of us together is:
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tyrven [12.06.06::07:23]
I liked that one, too :).
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goldfischegirl [12.06.06::07:41]
dude, casey must be lovin' those boobies!
awww yeahhhhhh.
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tyrven [12.06.06::08:13]
Oh, hell yeah. Pregger boobies = the best!
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a_gentle_hill [12.06.06::10:48]
Beautiful photos! I think you look great. Youre haircut is adorable and your face seems to have filled in just a tiny bit... I think it suits you.
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getlocalgirl [13.06.06::03:52]
Thank you - the hair cut is in preparation for a little munchkin who will undoubtedly pull at anything he can get his hands on:)
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goldfischegirl [12.06.06::07:28]
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tyrven [12.06.06::07:39]
WOAH, WOAH, WOAH - that's like the best impression of KATIE'S MOTHER I've seen.
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goldfischegirl [12.06.06::07:40]
haha, i didn't mean to re-trigger the trauma. MY BAD, KATIE!
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getlocalgirl [13.06.06::03:53]
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herbaliser [12.06.06::05:02]
OH! Pregnant! I was wondering why she was so damn fat.
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tyrven [12.06.06::06:06]
Yeah, totally - at first I thought this demonstrated Katie's mom's prediction about marriage. But then I realized she just had a growth and it was a medical condition.
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errol_q_spunkle [12.06.06::07:44]
My boyfriend has become interested in digital photography, and was wondering whether there were books one could use to learn it on your own. I know you've been doing digital photography for a while, so I was wondering whether you could recommend any books or approaches to learn more about technique? I don't think he's interested in high art or anything shi-shi like that; I think he just wants to take the same photographs, with the same composition, but have them turn out better. Thanks in advance for any tips.
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tyrven [12.06.06::08:17]
With digital, I think the best bet is just trial and error. Just sit down for a couple hours adjusting the settings and seeing how they impact the finished product. That's pretty much how most photography classes work - except with film you have to take notes on what photo maps to what settings, pay for development, etc; very tedious! With digital all of that data is passed along with the photo. Outside of that, any good traditional photography book is probably better than something catering to digital - the basic ideas are unchanged, even if the medium is different.

What type of camera does he have? That has some impact. The above is really specific to interchangeable lens SLRs.
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celeb look-a-like - lauraisatramp [12.06.06::11:53]
She looks like Martha Wainwright.
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karinkarinkarin [13.06.06::12:52]
one of my favorite lines from House (to a lady who thinks she has mono, but is in fact pregnant): you have a parasite. sometimes women learn to love their parasite. they give it a name, and dress it up in little clothes!