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Quent and Sara

25.06.06 Sunday
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Quent and Sara, as usual, went all out for the theme of Katie's party. That aside the theme was a bit of a dud because either it wasn't distinct enough or it was too broad, I'm not sure. Regardless, quent and daevarra looked fabulous and it was an all around fun party.

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a_gentle_hill [26.06.06::12:40]
CUTE!! Man, I miss those guys.
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karinkarinkarin [26.06.06::01:40]
very cute.
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sidspencer [26.06.06::04:21]
i'd like to see a party where quent and sara don't look fabulous. it would require herculean effort, but i fervently believe it can be done!!
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goldfischegirl [26.06.06::06:33]
that top one is s00per!
very very pretty
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quent [26.06.06::07:27]
your photography is excellent as always. but man, i seriously looked like shit that day. the girl looks good as always.
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tyrven [26.06.06::08:02]
I think you look fine in them, but maybe a bit tired. Although, going through them, the ones where you look off are the ones where Sara looks best and visa versa.