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Kate's Birthday

19.08.06 Saturday
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Kate's birthday party was a lot of fun = making out + minimal drama + a good mix of people. As has been the trend lately, I didn't take that many photos; spent more time actually talking to people. Also, djnancygirl and screed came up from Portland which was really awesome.

We went to Reg and Laural's for an afterparty, although I was pretty much completely out of it by that point and we ended up leaving after an hour or so (which still put it near dawn by the time we got back).

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herbaliser [19.08.06::11:19]
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popcultureicon [20.08.06::12:31]
I really wish I could have gone.
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meowlet [20.08.06::04:59]
mmmmm hm
that's okay we talked about you

oh did we
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popcultureicon [20.08.06::05:15]
I am sure WE did!

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meowlet [20.08.06::05:27]
We did.
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popcultureicon [20.08.06::05:28]
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meowlet [20.08.06::04:58]
Nice! If you have the other ones of me, I'd like to see them (although obviously they didn't turn out if no posty).

It was fun; sorry we left so early. ONE A U.S. M!
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tyrven [20.08.06::05:56]
It's all good. We'll just have to hang out some other time. And yeah - there were a few photos of you, although lately I've been trying to only post the ones I really like instead of bombarding my Flickr account with hundreds of photos. (A principle I clearly followed with my Guatemala photos).
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karinkarinkarin [21.08.06::02:02]
what's with the random photo in the middle from what looks like seattle center?
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tyrven [21.08.06::03:13]
It's pretty much just that. I took it when we went to see Superman Returns at the IMAX theatre. Sometimes I lump in random photos with other sets if they are otherwise orphaned.
thaddeusquay [21.08.06::04:07]
The above photos are just a front, designed to fool the average Tyrven LJ friend - to keep them from inquiring too much. The reality is that today, Tyrven's parties look more like this:

Oh, and speaking of looks, I recall that you were into keeping up with the leading edge of eyeglass frames. These are your next, new, hard-to-get look:
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phunbee [21.08.06::06:00]
According to Joy, Katie makes a bitchin' Sangria.
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tyrven [21.08.06::06:17]
Yeah, they're damned good. You missed out!
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daeverra [22.08.06::07:05]
Always the picture I hate, never something like so:

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tyrven [22.08.06::07:23]
That's because I didn't take that picture!