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When nerds fly.

27.08.06 Sunday
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audiguy sent me this first person account of a guy who accidentally dropped his iPod in the toilet on an airplane, causing the entire flight to be rerouted and searched. Oops.

This reminds me of something I saw a few years ago, before September 11th. There was a huge hold up at the metal detector; it ended up taking about thirty minutes to make it through. At the front there was a crowd of police, security officers and customs officials. This was before they had the onsite screening rooms, so you could see everything.

Anyway, the commotion was centered around this guy that was the total poster boy for nerd stereotypes. He was trying to bring on the plane a suitcase full of computer parts. Every nerd has a box of this stuff at home; old couplers, random cables, a few odd sticks of RAM, various boards, possibly a soldering iron - but to the untrained eye it could easily be mistaken for a bomb. I can't even imagine the rundown you'd get for something like that today.

Only somewhat related: When I was a kid, I used to love playing scavenger hunts and would organize one for every excuse I could find for a party. My favorite place to go for scavenger hunts was the airport. This is before they required a ticket to get into the terminals (remember that?). So I'd go to the airport ahead of time with my pockets full of random trinkets like magnets, hooks, tubes/fuses, etc and hide them all around the airport. Sometimes these scavenger hunts would be augmented with challenge/response phrases that I'd either give to random strangers who were on long layovers or to friends of my parents who agreed to help. And then twenty minutes later you'd have twenty or so kids let loose on the airport tearing the place apart looking for these trinkets and harassing passengers.

I guess I'll never be doing that again - ha.

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mcfnord [27.08.06::07:45]
we'll do it again, together, when the enemies of freedom are all dead.
(Anonymous) [27.08.06::08:01]
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tyrven [27.08.06::08:04]
Ha! That's so great!
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fiercekitty [27.08.06::09:18]
hah! That story happened in Ottawa, where I am. The part where the police are talking about him in french right in front of him is classic Ottawa police behaviour.
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tyrven [27.08.06::10:12]
Why do you people have to be so weird? Isn't one language enough? And, besides, how many trees do you have to cut down each year just to make room for one percent of the population? FUCKING CANADIANS.
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fiercekitty [28.08.06::12:53]
my dad can beat up your dad.
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tyrven [28.08.06::04:38]
On one count, my dad is totally fit for a fifty year old.
On the other count, I don't think he's ever been in a fist fight.

Fuck. You're probably right!
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tyrven [28.08.06::04:39]
But my cat can beat up your cat!
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girlpirate [27.08.06::11:33]
I got searched once [pre-9/11] when I was about 18. I was taking a little kit of my beading supplies with me, and in it was a tiny pair of scissors. In the end, they actually let me keep them. I doubt that would be the case these days. ;o)
push_the_limits [28.08.06::03:51]
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wasta [28.08.06::04:49]
The scavanger hunt sounds really fun? So, did you guys live out near the airport or what?
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tyrven [28.08.06::05:08]
I think the airport was about fifty minutes away - but it was one of those things were each year had to out-do the previous year and so the airport was inevitable, regardless of how far away it was.
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absenceofwonder [05.09.06::06:53]
Have you seen the television show The Amazing Race? You would be grrrrrrreat at it! You should try-out for it!
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tyrven [06.09.06::12:41]
I think I caught an episode of that at a friends house and thought it was really rad. But I forget the premise?
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slutty chipmunks - absenceofwonder [06.09.06::10:02]
well, do you remember the best movie ever- The Chipmunk Adventure? It's just like that, but not as slutty.

Or, here is how wikipedia puts it:

"The Amazing Race is a multiple Emmy Award-winning reality game show normally broadcast in one-hour episodes in which teams of two or four race around the world in competition with other teams."
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Re: slutty chipmunks - tyrven [06.09.06::04:55]
OK, yeah - I saw one that was in Africa and it was pretty interesting. I never saw the Chipmunk Adventure :(. Maybe I should.

I also liked another reality show I saw an episode of where they dropped these people off in the middle of no where, without a map, and they had to find their way to a destination point (or maybe home). It was pretty wild.

That said - i dont' have television reciption/cable so my TV diet consists of what I can order on Netflix :)
Re: slutty chipmunks - (Anonymous) [07.09.06::02:21]
That show you just described was actually called "Lost." It was on a few years before the whatchamacallit show that I'm hooked on, now. Y'know? "Lost."

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Re: slutty chipmunks - tyrven [07.09.06::02:23]
OK, I totally thought it was called Lost but then I thought that I must be confused because Lost is the show that I'm equally (but regretfully) hooked on. Speaking of, doesn't the new season start soon?