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Fritz's Wedding

26.09.06 Tuesday
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A handful of photos from fritz_da_kat's wedding on Saturday.

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karinkarinkarin [26.09.06::07:41]
wait, wing got married too?

I was looking through these photos and then went, wait, that's wing. and kava. and and and and these photos are labeled '' now.

congrats to them!
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tyrven [26.09.06::08:23]
I forgot that you met them. But yeah, he got married a couple months ago - I just now got around to posting the photos :).
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karinkarinkarin [26.09.06::10:07]

wing and kava were (randomly) at bombay grill on my birthday last year. they helped sing happy-birthday to me, which was kind of cool.
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tyrven [26.09.06::10:37]
Woah. That's really funny! Small world.
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getlocalgirl [26.09.06::11:42]
Those are beautiful - especially love the wine classes on the grass.