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14.10.06 Saturday
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Photos from my thirtieth birthday party. In addition, there are 41 photos from Ang, including quite a few of me sweating profusely (ugh! Alcohol + heat = ew).

Some photos may not be safe for your work.

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patrick [15.10.06::02:21]
The party was epic. Nice work.
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goldfischegirl [15.10.06::02:55]
looks like a bunch of homos to me!
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tyrven [15.10.06::03:51]
Actually, while Dolly looks like a Homo Sapien, she's actually just a fabricated replica. So not everyone was a homo.
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goldfischegirl [15.10.06::02:56]
omg reg's monty python "Boo!" sign is totally teh shitz!
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velvet [15.10.06::03:06]
thank you for appreciating that shit
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patrick [17.10.06::03:08]
I told you someone would like it!
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mcfnord [15.10.06::03:16]
it looks like shit got out of hand. i'd be all up ons.
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tyrven [15.10.06::03:52]
If by "out of hand" you mean "lots of fun"!
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huffines [15.10.06::05:26]
Sweet! I made the slideshow!
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karinkarinkarin [15.10.06::06:17]
way to rub it in to those of us who didn't.
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happy birthday!! - tombflowers [15.10.06::06:18]
hope you have a good one....
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Re: happy birthday!! - tyrven [15.10.06::07:04]
I'm still completely drained from Friday, but as soon as I get back up on my feet I'm out the door to complete my birthday weekend ;-)
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sidspencer [15.10.06::07:32]
i'm sorry i didn't show. i got all dressed up like my aunt at 21 (can we say very 1981, goat-ropin texan?), but alas.
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a_gentle_hill [16.10.06::02:13]
It was grand. I was feeling a tiny bit socially inept, but in retrospect I ended up talking to a ton of people and had a good time. One girl and I had a ten minute discussion about how gay you were.

I wish I hadn't left so early... my driver's 1AM engagment ended up being cancelled so we totally didn't have to leave when we did. Oh well.

It's funny to meet Katie in person because she's so cute and pleasant and mild-mannered, at least at first. In terms of personality, I only really know her through your journal, so I always expect her to be a little more lewd and sarcastic.