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Reminder: Party Tonight

28.10.06 Saturday
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goldfischegirl and I are throwing a party tonight. The Church (West Seattle). This is a great venue - and a bit more central than my house. Let me know if you'll need a ride. This is a costume party (of course) and pot luck; please bring food and/or drink. Starts at 7:00 PM, but I'm sure it'll go late.


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lormagins [28.10.06::07:51]
oh man, i would love to go - but i've currently got a rockin' eye infection and am highly contagious for the next 24 hours or so. while it would be bitchin' to show up with the whites of my eyes in their current blood-red state (literally), i think people might take issue if i infected them.

it looks pretty cool tho. i look like i could shoot lasers out of my eyes! :(
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thingstouchme [28.10.06::08:54]
oh shit. I work tonight! I love the church.
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patrick [29.10.06::12:06]
I'm going to be there! I've got my costume all wrapped up and ready to go!
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tyrven [29.10.06::12:43]
I totally flaked on my costume. I'm going as tyrven I guess. And Katie got stressed by schoolwork and is flaking on potluck goods, so we're stopping by the market on the way. It'll be a good time but yeah - we're flakes!
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patrick [29.10.06::01:31]
I totally had to stop by the store for the potluck. And the liquor store.