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North Cascade Highway

05.11.06 Sunday
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I'm only so-so on these photos. I generally find that my landscape photos not only work better in larger sizes but also require a lot of manipulation to make up for environmental factors (like rain and fog in this case). I dialed down the colors a tad in this to compensate for a heavy blue cast from the rain, but outside of that haven't spent much time with them. The set does include some fun signs, though.

This is a photo of Katie taking a photo of Diablo Lake.

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fierceflawless [06.11.06::10:18]
speaking of funny signs:

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tyrven [06.11.06::06:24]
OMG that's so great!
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lormagins [06.11.06::04:09]
hey cool - diablo is where we go camping in the summer.
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tyrven [06.11.06::06:25]
Oh yeah? Is it a good place to camp? There are a lot of camping places up here I've never been to, but will need to check out sometime.
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rojonoir [06.11.06::09:18]
There are some great cabins on Ross lake near there (, I think - it's been a while). Your picture reminded me how beautiful that area is. I remember to get to the cabins, they ferry you along the length of diablo lake to the dam. The cabins are actually out on the water, and you can launch kayaks from your front door.
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wasta [06.11.06::04:18]
Did you do the tour? The guide stuff is a little trite, but getting to be on the lake and the dam is really fun.
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tyrven [06.11.06::06:26]
No, we didn't. We both really wanted to, but it was almost sun down by the time we got there and I wanted to make it over the pass before it got too dark (which I failed to do). I think we'll go back and take the tour some other time, though.
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thingstouchme [06.11.06::06:52]
holy shit, those are rad. and of course I love the signs..

when is it my turn to be photographed?