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Love letters.

26.11.06 Sunday
12:36 pm - Love letters. Previous Entry Share Next Entry
I remember times where I've woken up to find love letters left up on my computer, waiting for me. Sweet tidbits that always made my morning. Then came Katie. Now, I wake up to shit like this. WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN?

{int i; i=12; i++}

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mcfnord [26.11.06::08:57]
i came
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gfrancie [26.11.06::09:02]
Damn she is one kinky bitch.
I hope you have insurance.
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Decoded: - hal_obrien [26.11.06::09:17]
"Help! I can only get a job for a government or for a weapons manufacturer!"
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Re: Decoded: - tyrven [26.11.06::09:24]
Ha! So true. I like to tease Katie about this fact. To which she always responds with "Wait? You mean I get to blow shit up!? Woohoo!!"
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Re: Decoded: - hal_obrien [26.11.06::09:30]
Blowing things up isn't the hard part (though it is cool). Getting to choose what you blow up is the hard part. Those kinds of employers generally don't give their rank-and-file much choice in that arena.

But, hey, if she agrees with the choices made, woohoo indeed.
(Anonymous) [26.11.06::09:56]
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Re: Decoded: - tyrven [26.11.06::10:18]
Teaching other people to get jobs for a government or for a weapons manufaturer.
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Re: Decoded: - hal_obrien [26.11.06::10:43]
Overwhelmingly, that's a subset of "government". (At least in the US, and many other countries.) That's not to say exceptions don't happen (see my post about libertarians and latin), just it ain't where the probabilities are.
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fritz_da_kat [26.11.06::09:30]
The sheer superiority of the female brain over the male's, which is pretty much the size of a nut. Or two.
divinemissa [26.11.06::11:07]
Ah, calculating the eigenvectors of a matrix. Classic engineer come-on. She so wants in your pants.
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kety [26.11.06::11:50]
Me-ow! I *heart* nerds.
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lormagins [27.11.06::12:13]
seeing as how andy's looking to finish up double degrees in a couple forms of engineering in the next few years and then move onto robotics, i'm concerned now that my future may hold similar crap on my computer. or maybe robot doodles. which could be cool.

i think you should remove all the brackets from her work and leave a note saying "let the equations run free!!!!"

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for future use: - fierceflawless [27.11.06::08:55]