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Isla Mujeres, Mexico

26.02.07 Monday
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Katie and I headed down to Isla Mujeres, Mexico with Reg and Laural last week for a quick break from the cold. It was a fun trip, although it verified that I'm definitely not the beach-vacation type; it's fine for a few days, but after that I was getting pretty restless for some tromping through the jungle. I mean, it's just not Central America without swarms of mosquitoes, giant spiders and poisonous snakes you know?

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gfrancie [27.02.07::03:42]
I'm definitely not the beach-vacation type; it's fine for a few days

I understand that feeling. It can be a great way to end a vacation but it does get a bit dull after awhile doing nothing. You should go to Italy. You get a bit of beach and you can wander around and see some things. Plus I think you would find some interesting photographic possibilities. I think you should do Italy, Croatia and then Slovenia.
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tyrven [27.02.07::07:14]
That sounds like a fun trip. I don't have a huge draw to Europe as a whole but I've heard the rural parts of Italy are amazing and definitely lose that modern-international-culture that I associate with larger European cities. I'd expect the same might be true of areas of Croatia and Slovenia.

I need to start planning our next trip soon. I think I'll start in Croatia and work my way out.
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gfrancie [01.03.07::05:26]
Really what you want to do is hit up former Soviet republics. Bulgaria and Romainia would be kind of cool as it is still really cheap and there is more chance to be murdered or swindled by gypsies -which is something I know you like in a vacation.
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herbaliser [27.02.07::03:58]
you should talk about Fernando
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karinkarinkarin [28.02.07::01:37]
this photo weirds me out, because it feels like the sun is setting on the wrong side. (at least I assume it's sunset, not sunrise.)

I've lived on the west coast for way too long; it's ingrained in my head that the sun should set over the water.