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Cooper: Age One

11.06.07 Monday
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Cooper's about to have his first birthday, so we returned to Bothell Landing (where we took prego-photos last year) to photograph the occassion.

Katie also photographed her department's graduation on Saturday and so she rented the 85mm f/1.2 lens from Glazers for the weekend. This is the lens I'm contemplating buying, but wasn't sure if it was worth the $2,000 sticker price. The optical quality of the lens is amazing; the photos posted here have no adjustment to contrast, curves or saturation - it's really impressive how much of a difference good quality glass can make. My only concern about the lens is that the autofocus performance is really poor (which is a popular complaint); I really didn't think this would bother me as it's mostly a portrait lens and thus better used with manual focus, but it made shots where the subject is moving toward the camera really difficult (like this one, of Cooper chasing a dog).

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johnnyblacklove [11.06.07::07:55]
that swing photo is adorable.
(Anonymous) [11.06.07::07:55]
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tyrven [11.06.07::08:29]
I've been considering that. I really like fast lenses because of their depth of field and performance in low light and so the extra stop is really attractive to me - but I also shot a lot of those photos yesterday between f/1.8 and f/2.8 and they looked great; the 85mm focal length definitely does a good job compressing the photo in it's own right, regardless of the aperture. I've seen field tests between the f/1.8 and f/1.2, though, and at equivelent apertures you really can't tell the difference in terms of the image quality.
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chris [11.06.07::08:33]
is that area the shots were taken around the burke-gilman/samammish trail near woodinville? that bridge looks familiar.
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tyrven [11.06.07::08:46]
Yup, yup - it's the Bothell Landing park. It's a great place for doing photo shoots.
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karinkarinkarin [12.06.07::05:37]
someone posted a comment on one of the photos, indicating that cooper looked like you.

in this one he actually looks like you and both his parents, all at the same time. so weird.

but very cute.