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Dog and Crab Wedding

13.08.07 Monday
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I'm sure the legend of hotcrab and Ryan's wedding is now old news to most of you, but for those who weren't able to make it here are some photos to give you a taste of the debauchery.

The short of it: caseyplusplus, sidspencer, herbaliser and velvet and I stole a Mercedes, loaded it up with various forms of entertainment and headed straight for San Francisco. Three sleepless nights, scores of friends, a handful of crack whores, two inappropriately placed manikins, a ruined swimming pool, a marching band, a marriage, a few hazy moments and countless photographs best forgotten later we returned home.

Edit: Oh, and courtesy of xotiffany, here's one of me right after fierceflawless pulled me into the pool. This was back when you could still see the bottom of the pool, which didn't last long.

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suxdonut [13.08.07::09:22]
that pic of you hitting the pool is unbeleivably awesome!
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tyrven [13.08.07::09:48]
Swimwear is overrated!
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uncelestial [13.08.07::10:08]
Man that pool was so nasty at the end of the night. I saw girls swimming in it at around midnight, and I was like "wow, have fun marinating in that miso broth, bitches!" MMM SALTY!
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tyrven [13.08.07::10:19]
Totally. I couldn't believe people were in it that night. It was totally one of those "do you know where that thing has been" moments.
(Anonymous) [30.08.07::02:14]
hey dude. we have not spoken in a year. sorry about that. but you know, the years pass quickly lately. my penpal and i want to know if you would marry us. do you have your minister papers? you can get them by april. you know how to find me. or, if you do not, go to my website and leave a comment. there's a link to my website from my live journal.
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tyrven [30.08.07::02:38]
Who are you? You left this comment anonymously :|.
(Anonymous) [30.08.07::03:48]
i know. i gave you monogrammed hankies a few years ago or something.
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tyrven [30.08.07::08:07]
That sounds awesome. I love monogrammed hankies. Question, though: how can I photograph the wedding if I'm the officiary?