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Steven and Emilie's Wedding

28.03.08 Friday
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carebearc [28.03.08::09:04]
really fantastic, and i don't even know the people involved!
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serorobele [28.03.08::01:27]
So how much do you charge??? Those are beautiful!
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tyrven [28.03.08::07:53]
Hey you!

As far as our wedding photography business, Katie and I are still developing our skills, equipment and packages. Namely, we need to invest in external lighting, an extranet for ordering prints, a standard DVD format for delivering slideshows and a few other business odds-and-ends (service bureaus, business cards, etc). Once we finish, we're going to be targetting the $3-5,000 range.

For now, we're just charging $500 for friends while we finalize the business and build up our portfolio.
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karinkarinkarin [29.03.08::07:04]
so what you're saying is that if we want to get in on this $500 deal, we have to get hitched now.

know any takers?
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lormagins [28.03.08::04:49]
#22 is my favorite - because it's the least commercial and omg cleavage shot. naughty! :D
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tyrven [28.03.08::07:58]
I have a way better cleavage shot somewhere, but decided not to post it because it was a bit abstract. But yeah, I liked that one too.

It's interesting you say "commercial". It's something I've been thinking about lately. It's hard to break out of those wedding photography stereotypes. And, I'm not entirely sure I want to as it's a nice style. My ideal is to find a balance between the obligatory shots and then a handful of more interesting and creative photos, particularly candids. Although, in general, I don't consider myself a creative photographer; I prefer a more photodocumentary style. I'll always be under the shadow of National Geographic ;-).
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lormagins [28.03.08::08:41]
Well there's nothing wrong with commercial - if it sucked, it wouldn't sell. I love a lot of commercial photography, in particular haute couture fashion photography (mainly because they get so much production design budget). But with weddings it's really hard to break away from the David's Bridal/Perfume Ad/Zales crap - whether still photography or motion pic.

And of course, you could just make it all black and white so that it can Magically Become Art.

But on the photodocumentary style: that's why I liked the cleavage shot so much - it didn't look perfect or faux-raunch or anything along those lines - it feels like a true "capture" which I think is really cool.
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getlocalgirl [28.03.08::09:11]
A splendid job!
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verybadlady [29.03.08::05:07]
That little boy looks just like you.
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jennageah [29.03.08::04:06]
Honestly, when I get married, I'd be tempted to have a crappy cheap wedding and shell out the money to fly you all expenses paid over to South Australia and take the wedding photos. Beautiful photos :)
(Anonymous) [29.03.08::07:55]
these are beautiful!