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The Kennedys

20.05.08 Tuesday
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Katie:  Did you hear about Senator Kennedy? He has a brain tumor. It's really sad.
Me:All of the Kennedys die in strange and unusual ways. Like skiing accidents.
Katie: That was Sonny Bono. You're thinking of an airplane crash.
Me:No, that was a different Kennedy. Anyway, I always assumed it was the CIA trying to finish the job.
Katie: Next it will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Me:That makes no sense at all.
Katie: He's married to a Kennedy.
Me:Yeah - but have you seen The Terminator. I mean, the CIA can't even take out Castro.

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tacofordinner [20.05.08::11:15]
I'm a fan of this conversation.
(Anonymous) [21.05.08::10:23]
Funny. I have friends at the CIA and agree with Jer...