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23.07.08 Wednesday
06:15 am - Rome. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

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emperorct [23.07.08::03:08]
Gorgeous! Brings back many memories - I did Milan, Venice, Rome, and Florence over ten years ago. I took disposable cameras, not yet having any interest in photography.

My album is lacking sadly in comparision to your slideshow at Flickr.

Enjoy the rest of the trip!
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tyrven [23.07.08::09:00]
I'll be going to Milan, Venice and Florence (or the area around Florence, at least) on our next trip. Hopefully by then I'll be to my target weight so I can buy a new suit - my reward for getting back into shape ;-). I only have like five pounds to go so it's tempting to get one now, but I suspect the exchange rate will be more favorable when I come back.