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23.07.08 Wednesday
06:15 am - Rome. Previous Entry Share Next Entry

{int i; i=21; i++}

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antigrl117 [23.07.08::03:09]
jealous! my husband got to go for a class in college and i've wanted to go ever since. it looks awesome.
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tyrven [23.07.08::09:06]
Europe really wasn't high on my list - at least not western Europe. It's been quite a bit of fun, though. I think Guatemala is a better destination as you get some of the same history (colonial churches going back to the 1500's) plus a wider variety of culture (European, Hispanic, Mayan) as well as the ancient Mayan pieces thrown in - all for a lot less money. I'm still really glad we came here, though, and while I don't think I'll have the patience for the originally planned six weeks, I definitely think a two week trip is well worth it.