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Stereotypes: European, Italian, American Tourists...

25.07.08 Friday
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Since I've now spent a week in Rome it's unsurprising that I am now an expert on all things Italian. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm an expert in all things European. It's one of the benefits of having a supreme intellect: in less than seven days of embedding myself amongst tourists, I can confirm and refute the collective consciousness of millions and millions of people before me: travelers, citizens, politicians, philosophers, academics - what would they know?

To participate, simply reply with stereotypes regarding Europe, Italy and American Tourists. These don't have to be stereotypes you hold true, they just need to be popular opinions. In response, I will (once and for all, with absolute certainty) confirm or refute these ideas into the bastions of Myth or Fact with my shocking clarity of mind and insight into culture.

Ready? Go.

location: Rome, Italy

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lormagins [25.07.08::05:27]
Italian men wear too much greasy product in their hair, are stupid, and wear ghey pants and gold chains.

European men in general are gay and have floppy hair.

American tourists are fat, loud and wear fanny packs (which translates with humour value +10 in the UK).

I'm not entirely sure if the American "stereotype" I listed above is actually a stereotype - In my experience it was close to reality. Why don't we have a retard check/exit visa before letting citizens out of the country? "You're stupid and annoying and are likely to offend others. Maybe you shouldn't go out in the world as an example of America. Exit visa denied. Next!"
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tyrven [25.07.08::05:31]
Who says a stereotype can't be true?
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suxdonut [25.07.08::05:31]
spanish and italian women are skinnier and hoochier than americans when young, but then they all get big and grouchy looking by the time they're middle aged. so they's a ton of young model-looking hotties in tight jeans but no MILFs, just these matron-types with long dresses and their hair in buns.

do the french still love jerry lewis?
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leeloolala [25.07.08::05:40]
Italian men are better lovers.

Europeans think Americans are morons.
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verybadlady [25.07.08::05:53]
yeah Jeremy can you comment on the "Italian men are better lovers" one plz
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gfrancie [25.07.08::05:53]
german tourists are the worst. They are always invading the path space, they always wear bathing suits that high-light their pubic hair and they are loud.
The French always dress for a walk like they are going to dinner. French women are beautiful when they are young but all that smoking, tanning and humping make them look like wrinkled potatoes when they are old.
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carebearc [25.07.08::05:53]
all american jeremys traveling abroad like to fondle antiquities and have a keen eye for self-effacement.
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herbaliser [25.07.08::07:19]
off topic, you should go to Bruges it looks cool.
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tyrven [25.07.08::07:44]
Katie's professor is from Belgium, so I'm sure he'd have lots of great tips if we did go. We won't make it this trip (we're both ready to come home) but are considering brief stops in Belgium and France on our Spain / Morroco trip. Of course, that's a low priority compared to the eastern bloc countries and Russia, so it'll probably be a while before we go :).
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goldfischegirl [25.07.08::07:54]
I've heard that Italian women, like French women, don't shave their boxes. Among the masses of European women you've mounted in your one week abroad, how often do you find this is true?

Also, do the Italian orifices in question smell like Pecorino as perhaps the French smell of Camembert? Please advise.
(Anonymous) [26.07.08::01:49]
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goldfischegirl [26.07.08::04:40]
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serorobele [25.07.08::08:00]
Italian people on their Vespas... *bzzzzzzzzz* "Ciao!"
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thaumata [25.07.08::10:16]
not a popular opinion in america, but popular elsewhere: it's not american tourists that are annoying; it's the british. they're obnoxious.
(Anonymous) [25.07.08::10:29]
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lormagins [26.07.08::05:16]
their herds have dwindled mainly due to disinterest in foreign culture.

Or because "foreign culture" to most americans is the local Benihana.
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belovedrooster [27.07.08::03:05]
Or because the US Dollar sucks.
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tyrven [27.07.08::07:58]
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meowlet [26.07.08::02:34]
Italy is very hot
It smells there
The men are sleazy and call 'bella bella' after you
casualhandiwork [26.07.08::05:04]