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After our plans for Eastern Europe got postponed we were anxious to get home. Due to the airline strike, however, we had an extra week in Europe. We decided to drive north east from Munich in the general direction of Frankfurt, with the intention of cutting back down through eastern France and then back to Munich via Switzerland and up through the Black Forest. That proved ambitious.

In actually, we spent half the time on the so-called "Romantic Road" which hop-scotches through a series of medieval villages. Some are simply towns that date back to the middle ages. Others are tourist attractions that are so polished and popular that they feel like you just stepped into Fantasyland in Anaheim. Still others are now modern cities that happen to have an ancient core. While in Rothenberg, we stopped by the Crime Museum, which included a fascinating history of criminal law including torture devices, shame masks and even a chastity belt.

After that, we headed up past Frankfurt to Koblenz and then south along the German Rhine. This fifty-mile stretch of the river is amongst Germany's most dense in terms of castles. Many are ruined or inaccessible, although still lording over the Rhine and its villages. Others have been restored to mimic their original state. Quite a few were "rediscovered" in the nineteenth century (new by European standards) and remodeled to that periods aesthetic.

This set is chock-full of landscape photos that would probably look good in a larger format, but lose definition at web resolutions. It also contains a handful of ironic photos and signs - including my favorite: a pickup truck on the Autobahn with a Confederate Flag on its tailgate.

Last, there are a handful of photos from Munich, including obligatory shots of river surfers at Englischer Garten.

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